Academic Research


  • R & D fund allocation and creation of R & D facilities.
  • R & D promotion activities for staff and students such as participating in conferences, seminars, workshops, etc.
  • To promote and keeping track of research publications in conferences and journals
  • Registration of candidates for Ph.D., progress seminars, pre-submission seminars till completion of research work.
  • Encouraging Research Proposal for external funding agencies by faculty and doctoral students.
  • GHRUS has MoU with industries and Institutions. The department needs to explore various research activities with these industries and institutions.
  • Patent drafting awareness programmes and filing patents.
  • Seed money for projects.
  • Project funding for UG and PG
  • Review and tracking progress of Centre of Excellence

R&D norms

Consultancy Policy

Plagiarism Policy

Research Publication with citation

Books chapter

Workshop/STTP organised


National /International conference organised