About School of Law

Law education is all about getting familiar with democratic governance and public affairs. The study of law helps students understand and learn the skill needed to argue and interpret laws, contracts, written words, and wills, apart from understanding social values. Law has always been essential for society and is regarded as a medium for change. GH Raisoni University is one of the best law colleges in Madhya Pradesh. GH Raisoni is the top law University in Madhya Pradesh to imbibe the best law education in terms of education, ethics, teaching methods, and new concepts that address the emerging issues in the field of law. Our students not only acquire a professional law degree but also become compassionate individuals below their professional robe.


  • Academic Excellence: Provide a rigorous and comprehensive legal education that ensures students gain a deep understanding of the law, legal principles, and their applications.
  • Professional Preparedness: Prepare students for successful careers in various fields of law by equipping them with the necessary practical skills, ethical foundations, and professional conduct.
  • Critical Thinking and Analysis: Foster the ability to think critically, analytically, and creatively about legal issues and the broader implications of legal decisions on society.
  • Research and Scholarship: Promote and support high-quality research and scholarship in various areas of law to contribute to the advancement of legal knowledge and practice.
  • Public Service and Social Responsibility: Instill a sense of responsibility in students to serve the public and engage in pro bono work, contributing to the community and promoting justice and equality.
  • Global Perspective: Ensure students understand the global context of law and are prepared to operate in an increasingly interconnected and international legal environment.
  • Ethical and Moral Development: Emphasize the importance of ethics and integrity in legal practice, ensuring students understand and adhere to the highest standards of professional responsibility.
  • Interdisciplinary Approach: Encourage an interdisciplinary approach to legal education by integrating insights from other fields such as economics, political science, sociology, and technology to enrich students' understanding of the law.


  • Legal Advisor, Corporate Legal Manager , Criminal Lawyer, Professor, Etc.
  • Advocate , Solicitor, Legal Analyst , Public Prosecutor , Legal Writer, Professor, Etc.
  • Judiciary , Corporate Lawyers, Civil Advocates, Magistrate, Judge, International Lawyers, Etc.


  • Case Based Teaching
  • Clinical Legal Education
  • Legal Research & Writing
  • Simulations & Role-Playing
  • Public Policy & Advocacy
  • Innovation & Incubation Centre
  • Professional Society Chapters
  • Research Centre
  • Corporate Research Centre
  • International Knowledge Partners
Dr. Nitya Nand Pandey


Dean, School of Law

From the Dean's Desk

As we all know

Law is a body of rules which are created for governing the behaviour and conduct of society and study of law provide a scholarly inquiry into legal philosophy, legal history and insight into socio and economic conditions. It thus ignites a mind of law student to raise complex and important issues concerning equality, fair play and justice.

History stands testimony that countries having robust system of administration of justice have progressed miles ahead of rest of the countries and grown from strength to strength.

The youth of nation, the building blocks of nation, when get into such law learning process the goal of nation building can be easily achieved. G. H. Raisoni University, School of Law, Saikheda is carrying forward this aim and vision and has been dedicatedly imparting multi-disciplinary legal education.

Our Program

Under Graduate Courses


BA LLB (5 Yr. Integrated Programme)

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BBA LLB (5 Yr. Integrated Programme)

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B.Com LLB (5 Yr. Integrated Programme)

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B.Sc. LLB (5 Yr. Integrated Programme)

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LLB (3 years program)

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Post Graduate Courses


LLM (1 year Masters in Law Program)

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I am grateful that I'm able to pursue my degree from GHRUS. Faculty here gives exceptional guidance and support to students which shows dedication for teaching and genuine care for each student's success.

Ishita Bhatt

BA. LLB 2nd years 4th Semester


I am proud to be a student of G H Raisoni school of law and am confident that the education and experiences I gained here have equipped me with the skills and knowledge needed to make meaningful contributions to society.

Nikita Jain

BBA. LLB 2nd years 4th Semester


I have a deep sense of gratitude for being selected through the campus placement programme. The overall process was meticulously planned and I received exceptional direction and assistance from both my professors and the placement committee. I extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the entire team for their valuable support. My sincere acknowledgement goes to my university for presenting me with this remarkable prospect and I am eagerly looking forward to exploring the future possibilities this career path has in store for me.for its global-class educational standards, offering an extensive range of programmes. Its state-of-the-art facilities and resources have been crucial in my academic accomplishments.

Abhishek Choudhary

BBA. LLB 5 years 10th Semester


The college has cutting-edge facilities that foster a positive learning atmosphere. Their wide variety of extracurricular and cultural activities also promotes holistic development, giving students lots of chances to interact, develop, and succeed outside of the classroom. Thanks to G H Raisoni School of Law's excellent facilities and exciting events, my time there has been genuinely fulfilling."

Shruti Parmore

LLB 3 years 4th Semester


I consider myself fortunate to be a student of this institution. The atmosphere for study is wonderful it is the gateway to self-discovery, through tonnes of knowledge and experience. From administration to lecturers, all are very co-operative and ready to help at any time. The College has an excellent teaching staff who are very professional and friendly to students and possess excellent teaching skills and knowledge of their areas of law.

Akshita Mendhe

5 years 8th Semester


G H Raison University Saikheda, has turned into the most enchanting event in my life. Our College has beautiful ground with vegetation and different spaces from a library to exceptional research centres. The staff has been a tremendous help in academic and extracurricular activities with their unparalleled importance towards supporting future lawyers. GHRU Saikheda has been similar to a family after spending six semesters, and | will consistently appreciate each second in my life spent at the Raisoni campus.

Anand Jhawar

5 Years 6th Semester

Our Practices


Training and Placement Workshop Training and Placement Workshop

At G.H Raisoni Law College and G. H Raisoni University Saikheda we believe in nurturing talent and facilitating seamless transitions from academic life to professional endeavors.

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Central Jail Visit

Law Students of G.H Raisoni University Saikheda, along with Faculty members got benefitted by the opportunity of visiting Central Jail on 10 th of February 2024. Superintendent of Jail Mr. Vaibhav Aage shared with the students that Central Jail is a sprawling complex housing a diverse population of approximately 3000 inmates, ranging from Individuals awaiting trail to those serving long term sentences . Students went through different cells and had a unique insight into the operations and conditions within correctional facilities.


Dynamic demonstration of Mediation Skills by G H Raisoni Law College Nagpur at Regional Conference on Mediation of Bombay High Court

The Regional Conference centered on Mediation held on 11th Feb, 2024 at Symbiosis University, Nagpur brought together judges from diverse jurisdictions.

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Adventure Camp

G.H Raisoni University School of Law organised the Adventure Camp for students at Saikheda Adventure camps are all about making memories, gaining more knowledge, learning new things about the surroundings and about one’s own self and making lots of great stories. The students were exposed to various activities in Adventure trip. It allowed them to step out of their comfort zone , explore news places and experience new things. Adventure Camp offered students a chance to break away from their daily routines, bond with peers and develop new skills in a fun and challenging environment. They enjoyed the thrill of trying new things, overcoming obstacles and experiencing the beauty of nature together with friends. They got to learn more about themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, and what they were capable of achieving. Peer learning helped them have the opportunity to work with one another as they develop and hone their social emotional learning skills.


Supreme Court Visit

Our Law Students of G.H Raisoni Law College Nagpur and G. H Raisoni University Saikheda had the privilege to Visit Supreme Court.

Visiting the Supreme Court has been enlightening and educational experience for students. It offered them the opportunity to observe how the highest court of the land operates, learn about the judicial process, and witness real-life court proceedings. During the visit, students had the chance observe oral arguments, tour the courthouse, and even meet with justices and court staff to ask questions and learn more about the legal system.

Such visits can inspire students to pursue careers in law, politics, or advocacy and provide a deeper understanding of the role of the judiciary in society. Additionally, experiencing the atmosphere of the Supreme Court firsthand has made concepts learned in the classroom more tangible and relevant.

Our Event

Swaad Fete

In a heartwarming display of creativity and compassion, students from GHR Law College, Nagpur and GHRU School of Law came together to organize a delectable food festival, not just to tantalize taste buds, but also to raise funds for a noble cause.

Learning and Development Activity

Prof (Dr.) S. M Rajan (LLM, PhD, LL.D.) Director of Central India college of Law was the Guest Speaker for Learning and Development Activity for G. H Raisoni School of Law on 13th of January 2024.

Contributing towards making G20 a Jan Bhagidari event

G.H Raisoni University's participation in Yuvamanthan Model G20 on 30th October 2023 marked an accomplishment.

One Step of Progressive Effort

Our versatile students actively participated in the 'Chandrayan Maha Quiz' which was organised by MyGov in collaboration with ISRO

“Forensic Science & Law” at G H Raisoni University’s, School of Law, Saikheda (M.P.)

We are extremely grateful for your gracious presence and guest lecture on the topic

"Vocabulary Demystified"

Prominence of Vocabulary was exquisitely explained by Mr. Hitesh Dewani.

Our Law Students await for such captivating guest lectures.

Tremendous Achievement of G. H. Raisoni University's Law Students

This tremendous achievement of G. H. Raisoni University's Law Students Mast. Adil Sheikh and Mast.