GHRUS-MSME Incubation Centre
HI Reference No. HIBIMP000891

Approved by PAMC (Project Monitoring & Advisory Committee) on date 07 February 2022



  • Dr. Meena Rajesh - Centre Head
  • Dr. Sandeep Petkar - Nodal officer:
  • Dr. Damanapeta Narsimhachary - Co-ordinator


  1. Adopting a multipronged approach that includes development of human resources, promoting R&D and innovation, enhancing their efficiency.
  2. Promote the development of entrepreneurship as well as up-gradation of skills by providing specialized training centres for the same.
  3. Strengthening competition by establishing an appropriate legal and regulatory framework and removing barriers to competition.
  4. seven verticals (Water, Waste Management; Energy; Social Infra: AgriTech Pharma, & Engineering)


  1. MSME is initiated and managed under the Ministry of MSME (MoMSME) are entities engaged in the production, manufacturing, processing, or preservation of goods and commodities.
  2. Promoting competitiveness and productivity in the MSME space.
  3. Making the MSME sector innovative, improving technology and depth.
  4. Enabling environment for promotion and development of MSMEs.