Dear all,

Thank you for expressing an interest in our University. We understand the importance of all-round education for our students. So, by considering this, we start an Institution’s Innovation Councils in university by taking highly qualified and experienced professors to create student's ideas into reality.


Innovation is the simple term for converting ideas into new or modified products, processes, services, etc. In innovation, it is all about taking inventions into a market by converting scientific knowledge into a new modified product, service, etc. for economic growth and also social development in a simple economic way.

Dr. Sandeep Petkar
Dean IIE

Ideas are generated in their mind during their study, especially during their lab work/project work. To capture these new ideas and converting into a reality, Institution Innovation Cell (IIC) plays a very crucial role. So, the research & innovation are the primary/first stages to doing something new in their field in higher education institutes under the guidance of their Professor

Hence, through the Innovation Cell, we will focus on creating and developing the Innovation culture from idea generation to pre– incubation, incubation and graduating from the incubator as successful start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures.

About Institution’s Innovation Council

GHRU has established an Institution’s Innovation Council with a purpose of systematically fostering the culture of innovation and research among the faculties and students.

As evolution & innovation is a continuous processes, they directly impact on daily lives of human being. Our day-to-day living has become more technology oriented. In this regards innovation & research becomes an essential component of human development. So to fulfil student’s overall development, we have to focus more on technology and research oriented activity. IIC is linked with the other innovative research organization, which have made academic, social and industrial impacts. It will function under a web of interconnected research centers and laboratories which focus on areas such as agricultural research, engineering & technology, etc.

Category and Strength of the members in IIC-GHRU

S.No Name of the Person Role in the IIC-GHRU
1 Dr. Sandeep Petkar, G H Raisoni University. President/ARIIA Coordinator NIRF Coordinator
2 Mr. Dipak Deshpande Vice President
3 Dr. Narsimhachary, G H Raisoni University. Convener/Innovation activity
4 Dr. Arvind Bodhe, G H Raisoni University. IPR coordinator
5 Mr. Manohar Golait, G H Raisoni University. IQAC-Director/Member
6 Dr. Jignesh Doshi, G H Raisoni University. Start-up Activity Coordinator Member
7 Mr. Ashwin Khadse, G H Raisoni University. Assistant Professor/internship activity coordinator
8 Mr.Abhishek Mehadia, G H Raisoni University. Assistant Professor/Social Media
9 Adheer Goyal Member
10 Pooja Jain Member

Vision & Mission of IIC

  • To Establish Function Ecosystem for Scouting Ideas and Pre-incubation of Ideas.
  • To promote local Innovation and support for start-up / entrepreneurial ventures on the campus.
  • To train the youth as innovators and self-reliant with Industry specific Technical, Generic and Life Coping Skills.
  • To promote the holistic development of youth in terms of career goals, decision making and livelihood options.
  • To prepare institute for Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements Framework (ARIIA).

Focus areas of IIC

The Research has no boundaries. We are focusing on some of the global issues and challenges by applying scientific me IIC functions under a web of interconnected research centers and laboratories, which serve in versatile focus areas such as Engineering and Technological research, Agricultural Science, Commerce, Management and Administration, Industrial legislation and Pharmaceutical Science. All these centers are designed to serve an industrial, Educational and Socio-economic development.


As per the guidelines of MoE's, Innovation Cell conduct Calendar Activity, MIC Driven Activity and Self-Driven Activity that gives various opportunities to the students and faculty members to interact with various university and explore there infra-structure and technical support to improve our educational quality and research work.

Under IIC, we organize IPR, Entrepreneurship, Startup, Incubation-Pre Incubation and Critical Thinking activity. With the help of these activities, we introduce our future requirements and need so that faculties & students could better understand challenges.

IIC Goal - Patents

Through our focus towards promoting social, economic and scientific development, we promote distinct inventions and novel scientific processes. Our comprehensive approach towards technical education has created platforms for our students and faculties to engineer and develop various technical solutions having immense social utility. It will result in the University having a significant number of patents.

Diversification of IIC

The Institution’s Innovation Council – G H Raisoni University (IIC-GHRU) consists of members:

  • Besides President and Convener (2), there are
  • Faculty-level and student-level activity coordinators for Innovation, Start-up, Internship, IPR, Social Media, NIRF related activities (27),
  • Six External members (Patent Expert, Alumni Entrepreneurs (among two one from Singapore), Angel Investor, nearby Incubation Centre), (3)
  • Six Faculty members and six students as members (12)

Key Functionaries at IIC Institute

Category of Responsibilities Number of Members
Faculty-level Activity Coordinators 10
Student-level Activity Coordinators 07
External Members 03
Faculty Members 10
Student Members 50

Abstract of Activities

S.No Category of Activity No of Activities
1 IIC Calendar Activities 18
2 MIC Driven Activities 7
3 Self-Driven Activities 48
4 Celebration Activities 8
Total (Activities) 81

Highlight of Training

Infrastructure and pre-Incubation & Incubation in promotion of Innovation and entrepreneurship in the campus

High Tech Laboratories in cutting edge Areas- School of Pharmacy
Water Bath Incubator:

A water bath is a laboratory equipment that is used to incubate samples at a constant temperature over a long period of time. Water bath is a preferred heat source for heating flammable chemicals instead of an open flame to prevent ignition

BOD incubators:

These chambers are usually used in microbiological labs or bio-research organizations to check the contaminant level in a particular sample.


A spectrophotometer is an analytical instrument used for the objective calculation of visible light, UV light, or infrared light emission or reflection.

Water Bath Shaker:

The purpose of a water bath shaker is to steadily shake and mix samples while maintaining a constant temperature. They are used for applications such as culturing cells, hybridization, and molecular biology assays. The purpose of a water bath shaker is to steadily shake and mix samples while maintaining a constant temperature.

Gel Documentation System:

Purpose of using the Gel Doc System? Gel imaging or gel documentation System is a system for recording and measuring labelled protein and nucleic acid in different media like acrylamide, cellulose, or agarose. It is used in the rapid evaluation of gels post electrophoresis, thus saving chemicals and time.

Refrigerated Centrifuge:

A refrigerated centrifuge is a laboratory equipment used for the separation of microliter temperature-sensitive heterogeneous mixtures or samples. This device works by spinning the samples loaded in a rotor at high speed. It is also used in our plant biotechnology lab for genomic DNA isolation of different plant samples.

High Tech Laboratories in cutting edge Areas- School of Agriculture
Seed Germinator:

Seed Germinator is a machine used for germination of different types of seeds in laboratories. These machines are specifically designed growth chambers that create artificial environments using temperature, humidity and light responsible for germination of seeds.

Mechanical Sieve Shaker:

The testing involves the shaking or manipulation of the sample, resulting in data analysis. The uses of a mechanical sieve shaker include determining the range of particle sizes within a sample.

Auto Clave:

An autoclave is a machine that provides a physical method of sterilization by killing bacteria, viruses, and even spores present in the material put inside of the vessel using steam under pressure.

Humidity Chamber:

In Mist Chamber, Relative humidity is maintained artificially at a high level with the help of mist installations, which spray water under pressure. Fog formation induces rooting and acclimatization. High relative humidity

High Tech Laboratories in cutting edge Areas- School of Engineering & Technology

State-of-thepart learning resources

G H Raisoni University Skill Development Program

G H Raisoni University has also offers skill development programs to enhance skills of rural youth to topics related to agriculture.

  • Mobile Soil testing facilitates
  • RAWE Program

Glimpses of few events

IIC calendar Creative & innovative Ideas for startup and Business model 25-6-2022
MIC calendar Out of the box thinking for problem solving 28-06-2022
MIC calendar Building Institute Level YUKTI - National Innovation Repository (NIR) 9-8-22
MIC calendar Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav 13-08-22
Self-driven Mentor Mentees progress meeting of IIC 20-07-22
Celebration Entrepreneurship day 21-8-2022

Patents/Copyrights in Process / Awarded

Sr. No Name of School Patents Applied Patents Awarded Copyright
1. School of Agricultural Science 05 02 NIL
2. School of Commerce & Management 02 In Process 03
3. School of Engineering & Technology 04 In Process 07
4. School of Pharmacy 05 02 06
Total 16 04 16