G H Raisoni University has partnered with Bosch in April 2018, to deliver the skill development competence, a unique vocational training model for making underprivileged children employable, thereby providing a pool of high quality skilled manpower, mainly to the services industry. BRIDGE (Bosch’s Response to India’s Development and Growth through Employability Enhancement) is a pioneering Bosch CSR program that helps fulfilling the growing need for skilled manpower across sectors in India. BRIDGE students receive job skills training in all the key elements needed to find gainful employment in the organized or semi-organized sector. In other words, the program prevents the youth from ending up in the unorganized sector where the opportunity to build a career is vastly limited due to lack of proper skills training.

AKRUTI Tech Pack in association with BARC

On 14th of September 2018, GHRU (GH Raisoni University) and BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre) entered into an Agreement that enabled the University to procure technologies from BARC for social purposes through BARC’s AKRUTI-KRUTIK-FORCE Programme. While GHRU has initiated the project of adopting five villages with an aim to transform them for better under its Village AHEAD programme. The programme aims to create structured and scalable network of technology nodes in rural areas providing easy access to modern technologies to all villagers in their own villages.

S. No. Technologies Offered
  • Nisargruna -Biogas plant based on biodegradable waste
  • Soil Organic Carbon Detection & Testing Kit (SOCDTK)
  • Vibro Thermal Disinfector (VTD)
  • Foldable Solar Dryer (FSD)
  • Process for retaining Pericarp Colour and extending shelf life of Litchi
  • Domestic Water Purifier (DWP)
  • Banana Tissue Culture (BTC) Technology
  • Mass multiplication medium of BiofungicideTrichoderma spp
  • MicrofineNeemBiopesticide
  • Nanocomposite Ultrafiltration Membrane Device For Domestic Drinking Water Purification W.R.T. Arsenic, Iron And Microbial Contaminations
  • Radiation Processing of Agri produce
  • BARC New Seeds

E-Yantra Laboratory

The G H Raisoni University (GHRU) proudly inaugurated its e-Yantra laboratory on 20thDecember, 2018. E-Yantra – a project of Computer Science and Engineering Department, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay - is a flagship initiative by Ministry of Human Resource Development through the National Mission on Education through ICT to spread embedded systems and Robotics education in colleges across India. The Government initiative is run under the collaborative guidance of Embedded and Real Time System Lab (ERTS-lab). The E-Yantra lab installed at GHRU is working with the Students and Faculty of Computer science dept. in collaboration with the Agricultural Science and Pharmacy Dept. in creating Robots to ease down their field work.