Industry Immersion

Trainings & Internships

Summer training, full-term optional/compulsory internships, ‘On-the-job’ trainings, study tours, and skill enhancement events and workshops are extensively integrated in GHRU curriculum. They expose students to real work environments and provide an opportunity to apply their learning in real life situations.On-site experience has been gained by our students through industry internships in corporate giants

Industry Projects

G H Raisoni University offers various opportunities for students to work directly with industry on Live and Entrepreneurial projects. Industry projects give our students insights about latest trends in the corporate world and help them become competitive and ready for the real world At G H Raisoni University , student projects provide a platform in which students can apply the concepts, methods and models learned in the classroom with the resource of a faculty member to develop strategic, innovative and operational plans for companies.

By providing students with resources and guidance, the student projects aim to create an academic and social atmosphere which cultivates experiential learning for students. Students get an opportunity to work on live projects under the guidance of expert faculty and the best part of the programme is that students can apply their learnings during the sessions in their working profession and gain practical experiences before they get into the shoes of omnipotent managers and Industry leaders.