M.Sc. Biotechnology


  • Location - GHRU Saikheda
  • Duration - 2 year
  • Course Type - Full time
  • Affiliated - UGC

Biotechnology course is one of the most popular specializations of the Bachelor of Science course. MSc Biotechnology or Master of Science in Biotechnology is a 2 year postgraduate program that is divided into 4 semesters. The objective of the M.Sc. program is to prepare the young students to take up a career in Biotechnology industry or research. The course curriculum is designed to strengthen the fundamentals in basic subjects and provide hands on practice in all important disciplines of biotechnology. It is a unique and highly rated Master’s Program in the country. The curriculum developed under choice based credit system offers wide choice of subjects in various allied disciplines of biotechnology. In addition to the thrust on core subjects, the curriculum also offers value added, vocational elective biotechnology courses widening the skill sets of students for placement and self start - up units. Specializations in four important disciplines of biotechnology are provided in the final year.

The students may choose one among them for specialization, dissertation and review seminar. Master’s degree with specialization in one discipline of biotechnology has proved to beof immense value in placement of RGI alumni in research organizations, industry and for Ph.D. programs in India and abroad. Training for soft skills and marketing are also offered in this program MSc Biotechnology eligibility is to have a bachelor degree in science with specialization in one of the subjects, they get various career opportunities after completing this course as there is an endless number of opportunities for the MSc biotech. Talking about the course, it is one of the popular fields of biology which covers the study of biological processes and living organisms in various fields such as machine, engineering, and technology.

The study of M.Sc. in biotechnology courses focuses on the usage of biological systems and things that can provide more benefits to mankind. With time, the growing branch of biology – biotech is developing quickly which is why there is a huge demand for the MSc Biotechnology. Opting for these courses readies you for understanding all the aspects of molecular biology, genetics, microbiology, cell biology, etc. This helps in treating various diseases, production of food, the development of the agriculture sector, saving the environment, etc. With the help of industrial processes aspects of this course, the production of drugs, pharmaceuticals, and biofuels are done using various biochemical procedures and techniques.

Biotech has improved the various areas with the help of many innovations such as the development of biofuels, stem cell technology, and genomics sequencing technology. The study of Biotechnology course helps in increasing the chances of employment for students having a MSc biotech degree. Talking about the growth of the biotech sector, there are many companies available that are generating revenues.

After completing this course from M.Sc. Biotechnology colleges, students will have various employment opportunities. Biotech is the new big thing driving the development in the 21st century and beyond. This fact is justified by the renewed demand of biotechnologists to meet the needs and aspirations of people and the rapidly growing world population. There are challenges of food and nutritional requirements, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases and fuel that can only be matched by skilled people. Thus here lies a positive prospect for M.Sc. graduates in Biotechnology in the job market for able professionals.


  • Minimum eligibility for the student to join M.Sc. Biotechnology is to have B.Sc. with one of the subjects and 50% aggregate for open category and 45% aggregate for reserved category.

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  • Students will be able to learn basics as well as applications of the following subjects.
  • They will be able to apply the knowledge learnt in various fields.
  • Learn the importance of computers in solving problems in various fields.
  • To have hands-on experience on computational tools.


You can find a variety of professional profiles in various employment areas such as Bioinformatics, Medical field, Education sector, Research labs, Agriculture and Pharmaceutical companies.

Admission Procedure

  • Before starting every admission cycle, the University issues a notification on the University website, notice board and other public domains like newspapers, etc.
  • After the last date of application is over, a list of shortlisted students is put up on the University website, notice board, or the students are informed directly about their admission.
  • You are eligible to apply even if you’re awaiting the results of your qualifying examination(s). Such candidates are offered provisional admissions and have to submit their previous years’ mark sheet to confirm that they fall into the eligibility criteria. You must submit your mark sheet before the due date of applying for admissions. Once the provisional admission is approved, the candidate will have one month to provide the mark sheet for the qualifying examination. Subsequently, failing to do so will result in the cancellation of provisional admission.
  • If a candidate is granted provisional admission under the above-mentioned conditions and the said candidate fails to meet the eligibility criteria or has failed to obtain the required marks. In that case, the provisional admission is cancelled.
  • An application form is rejected for the following reasons:
    1. The candidate fails to fulfil the eligibility criteria provided by the University.
    2. The admission is cancelled if the candidate fails to enclose the prescribed fee.
    3. Provisional admission is cancelled if the application form does not contain the signature of the candidate and their parents/guardian, wherever applicable.
    4. The candidate fails to submit the supporting documents in time for admission
  • After submitting all the necessary documents and fees, the student will be assigned an enrollment number by the University.
  • Rules set by the University for the process of admission will be applicable from time to time.


Further Studies:

You can pursue Ph.D. in the equivalent course and go for studies like M.Phil. in the equivalent subject.

Job Opportunities

Undoubtedly, there are various opportunities for science graduates in the market. They can go for private as well as government jobs. There are many competitive exams such as Bank PO, SSC, UPSC, Railways which students with MSc Biotechnology are eligible for. After clearing these exams, they get placed in government jobs with attractive packages andother various facilities. You can get a lot of employment opportunities after completing MSc Biotechnology in various fields such as food science industries, medicine, health, agriculture, and pharmaceutical. Talking about employment opportunities, students can work in all the fields related to botany, chemistry, and zoology. During this course at GHRU, students get to learn laboratory skills which help them fetch better career opportunities with an attractive package. There are various Indian biotech industries where there is a huge demand for BSc biotech such as agricultural biotechnology, bioinformatics, disease diagnosis,drug discovery, R&D, and clinical research. In these sectors, there has been a huge growth rate such as 37.42% annually. You can apply for various job profiles such as Bio-informs, Research Scientist, Science Writer, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry, Safety Specialist, etc.