Experience Campus

Learning Facilities

G H Raisoni University is among the top universities in India and boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure when it comes to Learning Facilities. Our campuses are equipped with world-class libraries where students get access to a massive range of academic and referral books apart from research journals, subject matter magazines and a lot more. Subsequently, our libraries also consist of e-journals that can be accessed online by students. Libraries are an essential part of building knowledge among the students in the subject they are pursuing and otherwise. Our exceptional libraries serve that purpose and act as an invaluable resource to the students looking to make the most of their time on the campus.

Apart from libraries, G H Raisoni University is home to the best laboratories in the region, which are equipped with industry-standard equipment to ensure that our students are industry-ready when the time comes. Furthermore, GHRU has a dedicated laboratory for every significant field of research and course offered by the University. The environment in our labs encourages a problem-solving attitude and provides the knowledge and resources to do it.

G H Raisoni University is known for its state of the art classrooms across campuses. Our classrooms are designed for the best possible learning experience and help students concentrate and execute their learning. We emphasise digitally equipped classrooms across our campuses to ensure that the students don’t miss out on the much needed digital learning experience. All in all, our classrooms act as a hub of comfortable learning where students get equal amounts of attention from the faculty and the opportunity to learn in comfort and expert supervision

On-Campus Facilities

G H Raisoni University believes in having a campus environment that helps the students enjoy their college life and generate positive vibes. That’s the reason G H Raisoni University campuses are recognised as Green Campuses with lush green surroundings that keep the heat out and the environment clean. Apart from that, the campus offers several modern and necessary facilities like a Wi-Fi connection exclusively for the students that keeps them connected to the internet at all times. The Internet is one of the contemporary but basic amenities in today’s day and age, and we at GHRU understand its importance for the students.

The GHRU campuses also have the facility of an ATM where students can easily withdraw money without the need of going outside the campus. We emphasise our Healthcare facility for the students to avoid unrest in case of a health emergency. Our facility can provide enough treatment for the patient to recover well in case of a minor inconvenience.

For students planning to live on campus, we provide excellent Hostel facilities. Our hostels have a laundry service and a constant high-speed internet connection for the students. A warden is assigned to every hostel who lives on campus to assist the students if any issues arise. Furthermore, the hostels are equipped with primary facilities like RO water and strict security measures.

We also have state of the art facilities for sports like Cricket, Football, Futsal, Badminton, Tennis and Table-Tennis to name a few. Students get ample amount of time to use these facilities and enjoy themselves on regular days. There are also numerous sports events organised throughout the year for students to participate in.


G H Raisoni University believes in providing quality education to its students in an environment that encourages knowledge and innovation. To achieve this goal, we use state of the art classrooms that are thoughtfully designed to create a comfortable learning environment for the students. Our classrooms help teachers pay equal amounts of attention to every student, which is essential for the growth of the students.

Over the years, we have brought our classroom experience to students’ screens as well. Online lectures are readily available to students if they want to relearn a concept or miss the in-person class. This enables students to access the unlimited online resources available to them through the University.

Innovation & Incubation

At G H Raisoni University, we have an environment that encourages students to embrace the culture of entrepreneurship. As a result, we have had several successful students who became even more successful entrepreneurs. In a growing economy like India, entrepreneurs contribute a massive share to the growth. Thus, GHRU provides students with guidance when they set out to innovate something new. This results in breathtaking innovations now, and then that help the specific industry in one or more ways.

To support this cause, we have set up Incubation Centres at all our campuses, guiding students with an entrepreneurial spirit. These centres help students build their prototypes and attract investors to venture into the entrepreneurship world with support, guidance and confidence.

Beyond Academics

G H Raisoni University believes in academic excellence, but to achieve that, we give our students an environment beyond academics where they can enjoy themselves. Raisoni Group of Institutions are known for their cultural events and healthy student involvement in them.

We celebrated events like Shivaji Jayanti, Republic Day and several other festivals together. Along with these, we host annual technical, cultural and sports events every year. This help students rejuvenate themselves and creates a community that is accepting and sound when it comes to cultures and sports.

Student Clubs & Societies

A healthy community thrives on health associations, and that’s what we believe at GHRU. Students can become a part of the GHRU community and contribute through their skills by joining the numerous clubs and societies set up by the student body.

These clubs help students rejuvenate themselves outside the classroom and helps students bring out the best in themselves in academics and otherwise.