BTech in Mining Engineering


  • Location - GHRU Saikheda
  • Duration - 4 years
  • Course Type - Full time
  • Affiliated - UGC

BTech in Mining Engineering deals with the know-how of Mining and the processes related to it. The program trains students with an underlying interest in Mining to understand not only the process of how a mine works but also the skills to manage one. Mining is one of the prominent industries contributing to the economy of any country. Without the help of raw materials, it is impossible to run a consumer-based economy like the one in many capitalist countries, including India. Therefore, Mining is an industry that guarantees a long-term career and a stable one.

A BTech in Mining enables students to understand the working of different types of mines. With the likes of Underground & Opencast Coal Mines, Non-Coal Mines, Cement Mines, Metal Mines, etc., all having very other functions and processes, a BTech is a must to kickstart your career in Mining.

Course Structure

In the first year of the BTech in Mining program, students learn the basics of Engineering and their knowledge of Mathematics and Physics is brushed up. Following that, the introduction to our concerned subject is also carried out subsequently so that the students get a feel of it. At GHRU, we believe that a strong foundation is essential for mastering the art. That’s why in the second half of the first year, students are taught vital professional skills and important Planning and Designing techniques which acts as an excellent introduction to Mining.

Subsequently, in the second and third years, students learn the methods of working in Coal and Non-Coal Mines with Advance Mining Surveying, Mine Economics, Mine Management, Mine Machinery, Rock Mechanics and Mine Legislation & Safety. Along with this, students also have to carry out their research regarding completing a major practical project. These factors contribute a significant chunk to the development of students for the final year. In the fourth year, students are developed into professionals capable of managing the allotted tasks at a Mine with utmost managerial skills. The students get their final set of education on Mining for the program and go out for a six-month-long internship. These internships help students get a real-world experience of Mines and put their practical knowledge and skills to the test.


  • To be eligible for admission to BTech in Mining Engineering at GHRU, a candidate must have class 12 with 45% marks in aggregate with PCM. The required marks for reserved categories is 40% with PCM to be eligible for admission.
  • Students seeking admission in Direct Second Year (DSY) of BTech in Mining Engineering must have completed a Diploma in Mining Engineering from a recognized institution.

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Admission Procedure

  • Before starting every admission cycle, the University issues a notification on the University website, notice board and other public domains like newspapers, etc.
  • After the last date of application is over, a list of shortlisted students is put up on the University website, notice board, or the students are informed directly about their admission.
  • After the last date of application is over, a list of shortlisted students is put up on the University website, notice board, or the students are informed directly about their admission.
  • You are eligible to apply even if you’re awaiting the results of your qualifying examination(s). Such candidates are offered provisional admissions and have to submit their previous years’ mark sheet to confirm that they fall into the eligibility criteria. You must submit your mark sheet before the due date of applying for admissions. Once the provisional admission is approved, the candidate will have one month to provide the mark sheet for the qualifying examination. Subsequently, failing to do so will result in the cancellation of provisional admission.
  • If a candidate is granted provisional admission under the conditions mentioned above and the said candidate fails to meet the eligibility criteria or has been unable to obtain the required marks. In that case, the provisional admission is cancelled.

An application form is rejected for the following reasons:

  • The candidate fails to fulfil the eligibility criteria provided by the University.
  • The admission is cancelled if the candidate fails to enclose the prescribed fee.
  • Provisional admission is cancelled if the application form does not contain the signature of the candidate and their parents/guardian, wherever applicable.
  • The candidate fails to submit the supporting documents in time for admission.
  • After submitting all the necessary documents and fees, the student will be assigned an enrollment number by the University.
  • Rules set by the University for the process of admission will be applicable from time to time.


A BTech in Mining Engineering opens numerous doors for Graduates in the field of Mining. With Mining mainly being run by Public Sector companies, careers in this field are secure, and there’s plenty of room for growth.

Further Studies

Graduates can also explore their interests further by opting for Post Graduation, putting them in an excellent position to further their careers. Graduates who wish to pursue their interest in Mining can also pursue a PhD in the future.

Job Opportunities

Here are the job opportunities that are available after a BTech in Mining Engineering

  • Mines Manager
  • Mine Foreman
  • Overmanr
  • Scientist
  • Research & development fellow or in charge
  • Planning and Designing Manager