BTech Direct 2nd Year in Mechatronics Engineering


  • Location - GHRU Saikheda
  • Course Type - Full time
  • Affiliated - UGC

Mechatronics Engineering is a multidisciplinary part of engineering that spotlights on mechanical, hardware and electrical frameworks and incorporates a blend of advanced mechanics, computer, media transmission and item designing.

There is a massive demand for a mechatronics engineering degree in the current situation because of rapid development in robotization and a surge in innovation. After finishing this program, the real benefit is that one can work in mechatronics yet has equivalent freedoms in the other stream of engineering, for example, mechanical, gadgets, electrical, PC, and data innovation. Mechatronics engineering has applications in regions like Transportation and Vehicle Systems, Telecommunication and Data Communication Networks, Power Devices, Medical/Bio clinical frameworks, Heavy Engineering and Manufacturing Systems, Energy Devices, Consumer Products, Computer Techniques in Medical, Bioimaging and Technology Systems and Computer Integrated Manufacturing Devices and Systems.

This program is created in direct reaction to mechanical interest for engineers with multidisciplinary abilities. The program permits specialists to configure, develop and plant creation lines and mechanized cycles, where they use acquired knowledge in computers and programming, miniature regulators, programmable rationale regulators, modern sensors, water-powered framework, pneumatic framework and electric drives.

The School of Mechanical Engineering at GHRU University offers a B. Tech program in Mechatronics Engineering to get ready imaginative, inventive and thinking graduates to fill the jobs of mechatronics engineers who can conceptualize, display, and foster mechanical and electrical frameworks that meet the cutting edge prerequisites.

The educational plan of this program is result-based, and it contains theoretical ideas and pragmatic abilities in the area. Also, students are prepared in interdisciplinary themes and attitudinal skills to upgrade their degrees. Alongside previously mentioned points, the high level instructing and learning material and experienced faculties with solid associations with the assembling area make this program remarkable.

Course Structure

The program's educational structure of Mechatronics is intended to create equipped specialists who are prepared to contribute viably to the headway of Mechanical and Electronics causes and obliges the necessities of the professions. Mechatronics students study, plan, implement and manage Mechanical systems for electronics to assimilate machines for a good cause.


  1. The candidates must be passed HSC and in with Physics, Chemistry and Maths/ Biology Science or its equivalent stream.
  2. Required minimum 45% marks for open category candidates and 40% marks for reserved category candidates from a recognized institution in Maharashtra State

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Once the Mechatronics course is completed, students will acquire the following learning's:

  • To impart basic knowledge & understanding of concepts, theories, and hands-on practice in the mechatronics field.
  • Create mining expertise for comprehensive research
  • Learn to acquired skills to lead the team for achieving the goal
  • Understand mechatronics complexities to emerge as a good mechatronics personnel
  • Comprehend all mechatronics problems thoroughly and solve them effectively

Admission Procedure

  • The University will publish admission notification in papers, the University's site, the University's notice board, and other media before the beginning of each cycle.
  • List of provisional candidates chosen for admission / shortlisted dependent on merit will be shown on the notification board of the University/University's site/or the students will be notified directly of their admission after the last date of made application.
  • The admitted candidate will need to produce a mark sheet of the passing exam within a month of the due date of affirmation.
  • The students can also apply whose results of the required exam are about to declare. They will get provisional seats. These students, nonetheless, should produce the previous year mark sheet/School/College certificate as proof for required qualification criteria before the due date. If a candidate failed to do so, the provisional admission of the student would not be confirmed. The provisional admission will be forfeit.
  • If an applicant admitted under provisional admission (by point (c) above) couldn't acquire the necessary mark to satisfy the requirement and qualification, then the temporary entry stands cancelled.
  • The application made by the student might be dismissed because of any of the accompanying reasons:
  1. The student does not satisfy the qualification conditions.
  2. The required fees aren't paid.
  3. The application form isn't completed or signed by the candidate and their parent, guardian, wherever required.
  4. Necessary documents for admission are not encased.
  • Enrolment /Registration number will be allotted to the student by the University after confirmation and prepayment of several of the actual charges.
  • Admission rules as outlined by the University will be applicable for all admission procedures occasionally.


Further Studies

After completion of the Mechatronics degree, students have various choices for further studies. Here are some of the preferences students have:

  • M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering
  • M.Tech in Robotics
  • 3D Modeling and Drafting
  • Masters in Business Administration
  • PhD
Job Opportunities

After finishing their degree in Mechatronics, candidates have the following job opportunities available :

  • Robotics engineer/technician
  • Automation engineer
  • Control system design/troubleshooting engineer
  • Electronics design engineer
  • Mechanical design engineer
  • Data scientist/prominent data analyst
  • Instrumentation engineer
  • Software engineer


Placement after completion of the course is an important event in the academic life of the student. Completing graduation getting a job as early as possible is a dream of many students. GHRU, a top university, established a dedicated Placement Unit for students to make this process simple. They have a sophisticated auditorium, Group Discussion Panels, and instant support to make the placement process as smooth as possible. GHRU’s placement cell curates all fresh job availabilities that qualify our students to apply. We organize interviews for our students according to their eligibility criteria and choice of profession, and our placement team doesn't stop here. They organize seminars and workshops to make the student aware of the current industry scenario. It helps the student to prepare themselves as per the criteria companies looking for candidates. The placement cell provides students with an environment to hone their skills and make them worthy of recruiting.