School of Science Overview

Science drives the world of innovation, and it is the human attempt to understand everything around us – from our body to the environment. The science programs are all about looking deep inside ourselves and the environment to develop new ideas and revolutionizing our lives with new methods and technology that are going to affect our lives for many generations to come. Whether you want to explore aquatic life under the ocean or want to work in a science lab, a degree in Science will open up a new world that you can explore. There are many different science programs for you to choose from than what you have learned in school. Science degree branches into many different fascinating avenues that you will be able to find a degree that best fits your interest and your career goals.  While you are at it, do check out the course offerings at GH Raisoni’ School of Sciences in Madhya Pradesh

The programs offered at the best science institute in Madhya Pradesh are designed to provide in-depth knowledge of their science subjects. In addition, the emphasis is put on communication skills, deductive reasoning skills, and computer literacy. Students can expect to get practical and hands-on experience in the classroom, in our labs, and in the field as well. Our state-of-art facilities in the campus stimulate an intellectual environment that allows our students and teachers to excel in their domain and make rewarding careers. The institute has projectors-enabled classrooms, a fully equipped library, multiple laboratories, seminar rooms, and more. The institute also has taken extensive measures to ensure security.   


The Department of Science is committed to producing citizens who are confident, creative, employable, and socially responsible. 


Our mission is to provide a quality education that is based on international curriculums. Our focus is on imparting multidisciplinary skills, practical training, and team spirit. We also aim to attract the best quality teachers and staff to facilitate the process of knowledge and develop individuals to succeed wherever they are. 

Faculty, Achievements

Our teachers are recognized for their excellence nationally and internationally for their research and teaching capabilities in a wide range of scientific fields. They share associations with the best academic institutions in India and abroad. They provide specialized research teaching and advice while sharing the same vision as that of their students. Our team brings engagement activities and scientific research into the classroom to drive innovative thoughts in students.

Programs Offered & Its Scope

A Science degree offers theoretical and professional entry-level competency to the students in their chosen specialization. If you are looking for a career option in the field of Science, here are the top programs you can choose from depending on your interest and skillsets – 

Name of Program

Duration of Program


B. Sc. (PCM, Biology) 3 years 12th standard from a recognized board with PCM or PCB
M. Sc. Physics 2 years B. Sc. (PCM) from a recognized university or college
M. Phil Physics 1.5 years M. Sc (Physics) from a recognized university or college
M. Phil Electronics 1.5 years M. Sc. (Physics/Electronics) from a recognized university or college
M. Sc. Chemistry 2 years B. Sc (PCM, PCB) from a recognized university or college
M. Phil Chemistry 1.5 years M. Sc (Chemistry) from a recognized university or college
M. Sc. Mathematics 2 years B. Sc. (PCM) from a recognized university or college
M. Phil Mathematics 1.5 years

M. Sc (Maths) from a recognized university or college

Ph.D. in Science 3 years Master’s degree in Science with minimum 55% marks or a valid score in UGC, GATE, NBHM, CSIR-NET for the current year

The demand for professionals with B. Sc., M. Sc., and Ph.D. degrees is growing in public and private sectors in India and abroad. Students who do not want to seek employment and have a keen interest in research work can choose research programs and doctorate programs. There are no age criteria for joining any of the programs. Some of the employment opportunities for those opting for a degree in Science at GH Raisoni’s School of Sciences in Madhya Pradesh include –

Pharmaceuticals Companies Geographical Survey Departments
Chemical Industry Research and Industrial Laboratories
Hospitals Oil Industry
Testing Laboratories Agricultural Industry
Oil Industry Educational Institutes
Forest Services Forensic Crime Research
Biotechnology Industry Health Care Providers

Some of the popular job profiles for M.Sc. degree holders are

  • Biochemist
  • Pharmacist
  • Mathematician
  • Junior Research Fellow
  • Lab Researcher
  • Chemical Analyst
  • Teacher
  • Science Advisor
  • Food and Drug Inspector

Many of our alumni are highly successful in their careers. They have gone on to make a career in medical genetics, high school teaching, medicine, the high tech industry, pharmacy, respiratory therapy, wildlife management, and more.

Department Magazines, News, Events

The science department comes out with a department magazine for science news, events, features, and blogs. The aim of our magazine is to connect the latest scientific research to learning in the classroom and outside. The content of the magazine contains projects in science education, information on cutting edge science, interviews, reviews of books, and other resources that will be useful for anyone looking to get involved in doing Science.

The College of Sciences in Madhya Pradesh organizes a number of different events throughout the year for the students. These events provide the students with a platform to exhibit their interest in Science and showcase their talents and innovations. It also provides an opportunity for the students to interact with the leaders in the industry and learn from them. Different competitions help harness the capabilities of the students and learn how to deal with conflicting ideas and opinions.

Placement Details

Our placement cell is the best among the different colleges in Madhya Pradesh. The staff organizes training programs and seminars to raise awareness about the job market and keeping the students informed about their careers. It also invites reputed industries and companies for on-campus recruitments to bridge the gap between job-seekers and the providers. It registers students who are interested in a job career and offers career counseling to help students realize their interests and capabilities. The cordial relationship with the placement cell and the HR of different organizations makes the process of placement hassle-free and helps get our students recruited.