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School of Commerce and Management

Commerce and management is basically the learning of different activities that are necessary in the world of business. It covers everything from the point of purchase and sales of goods and services and till the service. This course helps develop a multitude of skills like financial, management, analytical, and business acumen. India has seen a considerable increase in students opting for the commerce and management stream because of the many opportunities that it has to offer. There is a growing demand for professionals in the Indian business sector as well as abroad with the right skills. But, it is the diversity of the different sectors that you can work in that attracts so many students to this stream of graduation. The global economic scenario makes commerce much more than it was ever before and offers bright prospects for the students.

If you have a sense for the variances in the business or the commerce industry, then you need to prepare yourself by getting admitted to a university college of commerce and business management Madhya Pradesh. It is a perfect program for those aspiring to become chartered accountants, insurance professionals, financial analysts, investment bankers, and want to work in the stock market. Thus pursuing our commerce and management programs is the route to a successful career in the rapidly expanding world of management. All you have to do is consider your strong points and the subjects you like when making a decision.


The school of commerce and management wants to be the best in business education, engagement, and research to help create a knowledgeable generation who can go on to become world leaders.


Our mission is to provide knowledge and resources to our students for experiential learning, immersion, and collaboration opportunities. We aim to offer the best development and career and management opportunities for our students. We believe in blending knowledge, skill, and the right personality for the overall development of the students that will result in growth and success in the competitive corporate world.

Faculty, Achievements

The infrastructure and development programs at our institute are nothing without the quality faculty we have in our team. Our experienced and intellectual faculty is the backbone of our institute. All of them are successful in their respective field and are committed to transforming the lives of the student by imparting knowledge. All of them are committed to academic excellence and inspire students to make a name for themselves in their selected field. The multidirectional efforts of our faculty members are aimed at creating an environment where students can strive for excellence. Our faculty believes that their role is not just to impart knowledge but also to seek learning in the students. They are committed to providing their best support not just inside but outside the classroom as well.

Programs Offered & its Scope

Our school of commerce and management in Madhya Pradesh has redefined commerce education in India. The department has been able to make a name for themselves in course development, teaching, and experience in the Commerce sector. We offer varied programs to students so that they can pick a program that will allow them to pursue a career in business management in the sector they like.

Here are the programs offered by the institute

Course Duration Eligibility
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) 3 Years 10+2 in any stream from a recognized board
B.Com (Hon.) 3 Years 10+2 in any stream from a recognized board
Masters of Business Administration (MBA) 2 Years At least 3 years bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification

Commerce and management courses are a highly skilled degree and offer a number of different opportunities for students. There are varieties of job profiles available in multiple industries for you to choose from, depending on your interests. Some of the career options in different fields include –

  • Banking Sector
  • Business Analyst
  • Teaching
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Finance-related Jobs
  • Teaching
  • Retail Sector
  • Insurance Sector
  • HR Manager
  • Food and Drug Inspector

Every company needs knowledgeable and skilled professionals for different activities. A master's degree will offer you a deeper understanding of the subject and increases your earning potential. You improve your chances of securing an excellent well-paid job.

Department Magazines, News, Events

The commerce and management department magazines exist to provide the readers with the information and insight into the different activities, events, programs, conferences, competitions, and other news of the institute. It is a collective effort of the students, teachers, and the parents that will help develop the individual thinking and allow students to grow. The magazine works as a platform for the students and the teachers to present their exceptional ideas to the readers.

We pride ourselves on the many events, social events, conferences, activities, excursions, internships, and competitions for the students on the campus. All these help students gain and improve their skills, which are a key tool in their personal development. Involvement in such activities helps students mature and build their confidence and gain more autonomy. Volunteering is also a significant part of the institute. Our students are involved in different social events, work on social problems, and contribute as much they can to create a better world.


The placement cell of the school of commerce and management department is well-equipped and has excellent infrastructure. From the start of the program, the emphasis is put on practical and industrial training. It supports students in their hunt for jobs in their preferred field and works around the year by keeping in touch with the different companies and industrial firms. The placement cell organizes written tests, mock interviews, pre-placement conferences, group discussions, and much more for its students. A number of reputed companies come to the campus for recruitment. We work by recognizing the competencies of the students and then convey recruitment information to the students quickly. Our alumni have set high standards in the different sectors they are working in, and we hope to take the legacy forward with our current and future students.