School of Sciences boasts of providing an interdisciplinary approach, a strong flavour of engineering, exposure to various disciplines in the humanities and social sciences to its students.The School of Basic Sciences is unique from other institutions of higher learning as it is committed to imparting knowledge in pure sciences, which not only forms the foundation for further academic pursuits in science and technology but also acts as the foundation for students to pursue a career in research and higher-level teaching.

The academic programme is designed to meet the requirement of the latest technological developments and envisages to become a state-of-the-art department providing high-quality education and cutting-edge interdisciplinary research in science. SOS has a well-equipped laboratory for optical, mechanical and electrical experiments. The school is continuously associated with academic/sponsored research and industrial consultancy work.


After completing this programme, graduates of the program are able to:

  • Ability to integrate factual knowledge with problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to recognise a vital scientific problem and to propose experiments that would make a valuable contribution to its solution.
  • Devise experimental protocols and conduct self-directed research to contribute to the solution of a significant scientific problem.
  • Acquire General knowledge of scientific fields such as physics, mathematics, chemistry, and biology with detailed knowledge of his/her area of interest.
  • Develop an understanding of primary scientific literature, to keep abreast of recent developments, and to incorporate and integrate the research in their chosen area of expertise.


Students who have a B.Sc. degree also have an excellent employment opportunity. Jobs for B.Sc. graduates are not just restricted in the field of science but also they can explore others areas like management, engineering, law etc.

B.Sc. Forensic Science

Forensic science is a multidisciplinary subject which has application of scientific knowledge and methodology to criminal investigations and legal problems. It encompasses various fields of science such as chemistry, biology, physics, geology, psychology, social science, engineering, etc.It is chiefly laboratory-based science consisting of related elements of Chemistry, Biology, Toxicology, Ballistics, the Science of Fingerprinting, Questioned Documents and Impressions.

M.Sc. Physics

Physics is one of the oldest academic disciplines that are taught throughout different stages of education. ... Master's degrees in physics, concentrate more on research and lab experiments, helping students develop essential analytical, problem solving and communication skills.

M.Sc. Mathematics

In this degree, candidates get a deeper knowledge of advanced mathematics through a vast preference of subjects such as geometry, calculus, algebra, number theory, dynamical systems, differential equations, etc.

M.Sc. Chemistry

Chemistry is the science of matter and the changes effected by it. The science of matter is also a part of the discipline of Physics, but while Physics is more practical and applies a fundamental approach, Chemistry is more specialized and is concerned with the composition, behavior, structure, and properties of matter. It is also about the changes matter undergoes during chemical reactions.

Jobs Opportunities

Analytical Chemist, Lab Chemist, Production Chemist, Research & Development Manager, R & D Director, Chemical Engineering Associate, Biomedical Chemist, Chemical Manufacturers, Food Processing Firms, Paint Manufacturing Companies,  Medical Research, Oil Industry, Petroleum Companies, Pharmaceutical Companies, Power Generating Companies, Research and Development Firms, Chemicals Manufacturing Companies, Cosmetic Companies, Education Sector, Forensic Crime Research, Food Institutes, Heavy Chemical Industries.

Level Courses Branches Course Duration Eligibility Criteria
UG B.Sc PCM 03 years 10+2 with PCM
UG B.Sc CZB 03 Years 10+2 with PCB
UG B.Sc IT 03 Years 10+2 with PCM
UG B.Sc Forensic Science 03 Years 10+2 with PCB
UG B.Sc Computer Science 03 Years 10+2 with PCM
UG BCA Computer Application 03 Years 10+2 with PCM
PG M.Sc Physics 02 Years B.Sc. PCM
PG M.Sc Chemistry 02 Years B.Sc. PCM
PG M.Sc Mathematics 02 Years B.Sc. PCM
PG M.Sc IT 02 Years B.Sc. with PCM
PG M.Sc Forensic Science 02 Years B.Sc. with PCB
PG M.Sc Computer Science 02 Years B.Sc. with PCM
PhD PhD IT 04 Years Masters in IT
PhD PhD PCM 04 Years Masters in PCM
PhD PhD Forensic Science 04 Years Masters in Forensic Science
PhD PhD Computer Science 04 Years Masters in Computer Science

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