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SAARTHI is a Counselling Service Support (CSS) at GHRU Saikheda with the objective to promote the mental health and well-being of students. It aims to provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals to discuss their concerns and challenges. It also helps individuals develop coping skills and strategies to manage stress, anxiety, and other mental health concerns. The Counselling Service Support (CSS) at GHRU, Saikheda facilitates referrals to other resources or professionals when necessary and provides information and resources on mental health and wellness topics. Overall, SAARTHI is to support the academic, personal, and social success of students by addressing their mental health concerns and promoting their overall well-being.

Issues addressed by Counsellor at GHRU, Saikheda:
  • Academic issues
  • Feeling of Low self-Worth
  • Feeling of Loneliness
  • Depression
  • Interpersonal Issues
  • Stress/Anxiety
  • Confusion/ Dissonance
  • Relationship Issues
  • Adjustment Issues/ Homesickness
  • Substance Abuse/ Addiction
  • Social Media/ Misuse of Finance/ Online Gambling

Objectives of Counselling Service Support at GHRU, Saikheda

  • To ensure the availability and accessibility of maximum Counselling and Mental Health Support services particularly to the students.
  • Provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals to discuss their concerns and challenges.
  • Assist individuals in identifying and overcoming personal and academic barriers to success.
  • Promote positive relationships and social support networks.
  • Facilitate referrals to other resources or professionals when necessary.
  • To encourage the implication of Counselling and Mental Health Support services in GHRU, Saikheda
  • Foster a culture of well-being and destigmatize seeking help for mental health concerns.
  • To create awareness on Counselling and Mental Health Support services to promote wellbeing

SAARTHI Provides

A. Individual Counselling:
  • Student get space to talk with no pressure
  • Confidentiality is maintained
  • No judgment, criticism and assumptions
  • You can unburden yourself
Counsellors will…
  • Respect you and your problems
  • Help you to identify and recognise the different options and make choices
  • Attempt to reduce the problem
  • Intervene with the right professionals to help you if required
B. Psychological Assessment :

In some cases where more precise diagnoses are required, we conduct psychological assessments. These tests are administered by a trained psychologists. These tests help all those who are concerned with the student’s wellbeing to decide upon the best possible intervention.

C. Workshops and Events :

The Wellness centre also organizes different workshops and events during each academic year. The workshops and events are organized on different topics related to mental health and are based on the need of the students like dealing with stress, time management, relationship issues etc.

The team organizes various events on occasions like Mental Health Day, International Happiness Day and World Suicide Prevention Day.

How Counselling will Help Students:
  • 1. Provides emotional support: Counselling provides a safe and confidential space for students to discuss their feelings and concerns with a trained professional. This emotional support can help students feel less alone and better able to cope with their challenges. Improves academic
  • 2. Improves academic performance: Counselling can help students develop study skills, time management strategies, and stress management techniques that can improve their academic performance.
  • 3. Enhances self-awareness: Counselling can help students develop self-awareness, which is the foundation for personal growth and self-improvement. It can help students identify their strengths and weaknesses, set goals, and develop a sense of purpose and direction.
  • 4. Builds resilience: Counselling can help students develop resilience, which is the ability to bounce back from setbacks and challenges. It can help students develop coping skills, build a support network, and learn how to manage stress effectively.
  • 5. Improves relationships: Counselling can help students improve their communication skills, develop healthy boundaries, and build stronger relationships with others.

Myths associated with Counselling and Psychological Services (CPS)

Sr. No Myth Fact
1 Counselling is only for people who have serious mental and emotional problems/ disorders / sickness. Counselling is a lot more than just that! Like good physical health, good mental health is as important for your general well-being.
2 Counselling is just ‘talking’. Counselling is a deep process of uncovering and reorganizing emotional material for clarity and problem solving.
3 Anyone can be a counsellor A counsellor/Counselling Psychologist should have thorough knowledge in human development and clinical, counselling psychology. In addition he/she must possess expertise in counselling techniques.
4 Seeking counselling is a sign of weakness. It is a testament of courage and a first step towards self-improvement.
5 If I go for counselling, everyone will hear about it. At Counselling/Psychological Services, confidentiality of the counselee is of utmost importance. Exceptions are made only when there is a potentially serious risk of harm to the individual, others or when required by law.
6 Counsellor will use my secrets against me. Counsellors keep what is discussed in the therapy room within the therapy room and never use it against you.
7 The counsellor will tell me what my problems are and how to ‘fix’ them The counsellor is there for the individual to jointly explore his/her concerns, examine options and help the client find the answer that best works for them.
8 The counsellor’s job is to give me advice. The counsellor’s job is to help you reorganize your emotional material and help you build skills so that you can solve your own problems. They are not advisors rather they are the facilitators.
9 If I go to counselling, they’re just going to give me a pill. There is no fix-it-all pill in counselling. Counsellors do not prescribe medication to clients.
10 It’s weird pouring out my concerns to a stranger(Counsellor) You’re probably right. It may feel a little strange sharing with a person you’ve just met. But, just like any other new experiences, the weirdness will slowly dissipate once you’re familiarised with the process and are comfortable with the counsellor.
11 A Counsellor cannot understand me unless we have similar experiences and background. Counsellors are trained to be respectful of individual diversities. Regardless of your background or unique concerns, they are there to accompany you through a difficult time in your life.
12 Counselling doesn’t work at all. Counselling is often most successful when you invest time and energy to work with the counsellor. Through time, patience and practicing new coping skills, situations may just turn around!
13 Counselling will become part of my academic record and hurt me in my job, residency or graduate school applications. Confidentiality is very important in this helping field. Counselling Services seek to provide clients with very strict level of confidentiality.
14 Counsellors make you dependent on them: On the contrary, a good counsellor helps you build skills so that you can live your life more independently.

Details Of Counsellor

Avinash Mandal
Psychology Counsellor
Avinash Mandal(I/O Psychologist)

+91 8208585624