M.Sc. - Finance
Courses Offered - G H Raisoni University, Saikedha

Program Highlights

Finance is a field of study with strong roots in a wide variety of other scientific fields including Statistics and Mathematics. The ingestion of the theoretical concepts and the implication of the practical learning ensure our program of post graduate in Finance to harbor an updated curriculum. It is a 2 year program which is designed so as to provide the students with a practical-oriented knowledge in the form of the well developed syllabus. The introduction of advanced ideas and novel techniques in the program has been pursued so as to develop in the students a proficiency in experimentation in order to understand the theoretical concepts well. Thus, the program at the G H Raisoni University, Saikheda involves the finest and the most dedicated faculty.

Course Objectives

The program of M.Sc Finance is well crafted to enable the students with,

  1. A detailed understanding of the various financial issues that directly correlate various business enterprises along with the principles which govern it
  2. The comprehension of the investment procedure and the learning of the selection criteria which direct it
  3. The development of foundation centering on risk control in the various asset classes
  4. The advancement of various analytical skills focusing on the international accounting, creative accounting detection and financial analysis
  5. The expansion of key concepts which in turn serve as a tool for a plethora of industrial applications
  6. A progressive approach to deal with the real world issues and produce meaningful results.

Course Outcomes

After the completion of the program the students are able to,

  • Implement the financial models in versatile situations and practices
  • Apply the theoretical framework to various industries and complex problems with immense efficiency
  • Pursue data selection, research, pedagogy and reporting of each paper with sound fineness
  • Communicate better with regards to the various facets associated with the program via disparate means, including presentation, reporting and discussions
  • Work as an individual as well as in teams to provide with the best results.

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