M.Sc. - Chemistry
Courses Offered - G H Raisoni University, Saikedha

Program Highlights

The program of Masters of Science in Chemistry was developed with the objective to provide the students with a well organized yet distinctive curriculum. The height of the accomplishments we tend to provide our students traverses through the path of qualified and competent faculty members and a variety of scholarly activities. The interdisciplinary project based learning, the well equipped laboratories and the industrial interaction has been inculcated in the program so as to nurture the students well. The program is also equipped with brilliant computational facilities to enable the students to learn in depth.

Program Objectives

The program has been so designed and created that the students are instilled with,

  1. Logical and analytical thinking abilities to ensure practical implications of the real world setting
  2. Effectiveness in working in an interdisciplinary environment
  3. Efficiency in communication, whether working independently, in a team or when demonstrating scientific leadership in academic and industry
  4. A flair towards lifelong learning through attending seminars, self education and educational resources
  5. An inclination to professional development through discussions and higher studies involving professional and doctoral level.

Program Outcomes

The student after having completed the higher education program of the Masters of Science in Chemistry will be able to,

  • Obtain the knowledge, experience and insight in well-defined area of research within the field of Chemistry
  • Widen their knowledge of scientific theories, methods along with having gained an in-depth experience in working independently with scientific queries and solutions
  • Develop written and oral communication skills employed for specialized and non-specialized audiences
  • Gained the skills of planning and conducting advance chemical experienced and applying of the structural and chemical characterization techniques
  • Contribute to the generation of new scientific insights or to the innovation of novel applications of research in the field of Chemistry.

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