M. Tech - Structural Engineering
Courses Offered - G H Raisoni University, Saikedha

Program Highlights

The Masters of Technology in Structural Engineering is a post Graduate program associated with the branch of Civil Engineering.  It is a Masters program, thus efficiency is reflected with the well crafted curriculum, competent faculty and the finest amenities. An assimilation of knowledge which is in-depth along with practical implications centered on the various subject areas is included in its syllabus. It is a career centering program which has been incepted with the aim to provide the students with excellence in shaping their careers.

Program Objectives

With the program of M Tech Structural Engineering we intend to provide the students with,

  1. The fundamental knowledge of civil engineering  for better understanding of analysis and design of civil engineering
  2. The upgraded knowledge of mathematical and computational tools to make the students comprehend the structure and systems of civil engineering
  3. An adequate understanding of structural analysis and design techniques
  4. The academic environment to work independently and or with the team and initiate research in areas for sustainable development
  5. A professional and ethical attitude to become an accomplished expert along with an understanding of the responsibility towards well being of society.

Program Outcomes

The students after having completed the program are able to,

  • Think critically to identify, analyze and solve structural engineering problems
  • Develop the ability to learn and apply advanced engineering techniques and software tools to complex problems
  • Extract information associated with unfamiliar problems by self learning and researching independently
  • Communicate effectively to achieve professional, ethical and responsible attitude towards the development of the profession and society
  • Adapt to the concept of lifelong learning in order to improve knowledge incessantly.

Welcome to the school of thought, where knowledge is the pathway and amenities are the steps to the destination called ‘Success’.