B.Tech - Mining Engineering
Courses Offered - G H Raisoni University, Saikedha

Program Highlights

It was the requisite of the mining industry, which was the real rationale behind the establishment of the program of B. Tech Mining Engineering at the G H Raisoni University Saikheda. The curriculum of the program was crafted in accordance with recommendations and consultation of the peer academicians. Thus, the students are introduced to the foundation of knowledge which assures to set in their life the best exemplar of excellence. With the latest in the tools and technology the students avail the most promising experience of learning at the Department.

Program Objectives

The program has been so designed that the students are enriched with the following aspects of education,

  1. A demonstration of the knowledge in the area of mining engineering procedure
  2. The looking and sufficing the need of the industry by understanding the void and the requirement
  3. An understanding the practical aspects of the mining industry
  4. A development of the appreciation for mining as a profession with regards to safety, technology, blasting and environment with a lookout to the economics and production
  5. The learning to apply knowledge in the application of engineering principles associated with mine planning and decision making
  6. The invoking of the desire to continue education, research and professional development and creativity.

Program Outcomes

With the completion of the program the students are able to,

  • Design safe mining practices through deep comprehension of mining subjects
  • Fabricate a system, component or a process to meet the desired needs of mining engineers with the constraint of economy, environment and society
  • Collaborate with the variety of science subjects and employ its application to the field of mining
  • Identify the need for conservation of reserves and the development of safe technology survival in the global environment
  • Utilize the technique, the skills and the modern engineering tools for practicing mining engineering
  • Understand the engineering and management principles and apply it through the finest approaches in order to make the process of extraction of minerals.

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