B.Tech - Electrical Engineering
Courses Offered - G H Raisoni University, Saikedha

Program Highlights

The program of Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering has been established at the G H Raisoni University with the aim to produce engineers with sound knowledge pertaining to the various aspects of Electrical engineering. The program also makes sure to inculcate in the students a strong foundation in Applied Electronics and Computer Applications. With a competent faculty and an updated curriculum the graduates are able to take up challenging jobs in the industry and also engage themselves in research and development activities.

Course Objectives

The program has been developed taking care of the need of the industry. Thus, the objective of the program is to inculcate the students with,

  1. A sound base to prepare them for higher study in the Engineering field
  2. The knowledge and skills to work in research and development organizations
  3. The aptitude to ensure their placement in good job profile in Electrical power industries
  4. The development of analytical and rational skills to assist them in pursuing work in the plethora of industries
  5. The advancements to carry out projects associated with Electrical Engineering.

Course Outcomes

After the completion of the program the students are able to,

  • Apply the knowledge gained through Mathematics and Science to the Electrical Engineering systems
  • Provide promising solution to Electrical Engineering problems by designing and conducting experiments, interpreting and analyzing data and even reporting the results
  • Understand a range of electronic devices, analog and digital circuits along with the knowledge of advanced electronic systems
  • Develop an in-depth knowledge in transmission and distributions system, power system analysis and protection system so as to pursue a career in the power sector
  • Practice the information gained in various sectors of jobs with proficiency.

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