B.Sc. - Statistics
Courses Offered - G H Raisoni University, Saikedha

Program Highlights

The program of Bachelor of Science in Statistics is an undergraduate course which focuses on the various aspects of data. It is a 3 year program and is a boon for the students aspiring to make their career in the ever-flourishing data-driven and data-centric industry. The curriculum has been so fabricated that it centers on the purposeful separation, elucidation and compilation of facts and figures, which can then be analyzed and thereby used. It offers a detailed understanding of the various facets of the program with the assistance of well updated syllabus, the best-in-the-industry faculties and the finest infrastructure.

Course Objectives

The program of Bachelor of Science in Statistics is structured, so as to ensure the students with,

  1. An in-depth comprehension pertaining to the amalgamation of theoretical and practical aspects of the subject
  2. The understanding of the statistics as a pertinent science of decision making in the prospects of real life problems
  3. The learning of the description of uncertainty associated with the program
  4. The ingestion of the information about the relevance of statistical tools and the plethora of techniques of analysis with respect to this vast interdisciplinary science it is all about
  5. The development of conceptualization associated with recognition of problems
  6. The ability to pursue a solution to a vast variety of complex statistical data.

Course Outcomes

After the completion of the program the students are able to,

  • Apply sound reasoning abilities to versatile problems via well established principles and an analytical approach
  • Pursue a development of mathematical aptitude, ability to reason logically and harbor a curious mind
  • Employ sound verbal and writing skills and develop good programming and documentation expertise
  • Create efficiency to work with a variety of Government departments and Private institutions in accordance with their proficiencies
  • Avail excellence in problem solving skills logically and develop practice ability to take independent decisions.

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