B.Sc. - Information Technology
Courses Offered - G H Raisoni University, Saikedha

Program Highlights

The sprawling advancements in the field of Information Technology has been the major insight towards initiating the program of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in the G H Raisoni University, Saikheda. And, this is the acumen every aspect associated with the program at the University is nothing less than imparting excellence. Thus, whether it is the faculty, the amenities or the curriculum preeminence, each of it has been rather obligatory for providing the students with a job platform which prepares them for a plethora of industrial set up.

Program Objectives

The program of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology has been so established that it inculcates the students with,

  1. A value based education to make them the finest IT experts
  2. An expertise in the organized sector of the computer associated industry so as to make them Competent IT professionals
  3. An understanding to formulate and solve Computer Science, Engineering and multidisciplinary problems
  4. The associating of oneself with achieving higher paradigms in the field of Computer Science  through research and development
  5. The nourishing of skills in an ethical manner so as to enhance the satisfaction level of the stakeholders
  6. An expertise to ensure advancement towards computing, science and technology.

Program Outcomes

The program of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology has been established with the intent to ensure the students pursue brilliance in the field of Information Technology and build strong foundations. Thus, after the program the students are able to,

  • Apply the learnt skills in the multi-disciplinary area of IT sector
  • Employ the software expertise to a variety of domains
  • Analyze problems via identification, formulations, reviewing research literature in order to reach the best conclusions in the field of IT
  • Utilize modern tools with precision and efficiency
  • Be a pioneer of lifelong learning which is the need of the present technological world.

Welcome to the school of thought, where knowledge is the pathway and amenities are the steps to the destination called ‘Success’.