B.Sc.- Forensic Science
Courses Offered - G H Raisoni University, Saikedha

Program Highlights

Forensic Science is an investigative branch of science. With crime scenario altering at the global level and the latest in technology continuously used by the criminals, it was rather inevitable to initiate this program at the G H Riasoni University, which itself is a paradigm of excellence in world class education. This program has been formulated by the higher and technical education department in order to meet the need of the upcoming students. The faculty is well knowledgeable and the latest tools have been incorporated to ensure a comprehensive course.

Course Objectives

The program has been well framed and aims at providing the students with,

  1. Unique learning opportunities with a sound basis in forensic science, chemistry, environmental science and law enforcement
  2. Opportunities to participate in research activities and presenting research results at scientific meetings or through  publication in scientific journal
  3. An effective advising system for the purpose of managing the course programs at the University as well as the career planning
  4. Training in the design of experiments, usage of scientific literature and presentation of technical results.
  5. Learning to collaborate with various sectors in forensic science, instill an understanding of cyber forensic tools and development of high professional standards.

Course Outcomes

After the course the students are able to,

  • Apply broad knowledge in the field of forensic science and law enforcement techniques in their career front with efficiency
  • Practice communicating and defending forensic evidence in oral and written formats to aid the procedure well
  • Avail job opportunities in Government and Private forensic laboratories
  • Work as an expert criminologist, forensic toxicologist, forensic biologist, forensic and medico-legal expert, forensic auditor and wild life forensic expert to name a few
  • Enroll in a further course of Masters in Forensic Science with specialized branch.

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