BBA (Hons)
Courses Offered - G H Raisoni University, Saikedha

Program Highlights

The Bachelor of Business Administration department was initiated with the primary objective to provide with impeccable quality management education across the local and the international regime of students. The updated and all-inclusive curriculum, the quality program, the personalized approach and enriching experience through industry tie ups involves the various aspects of this program. It has been so fabricated that it inculcates in the students the apt business strategies and principles along with skills to assist in their complete development.

Program Objectives

The Bachelor in Business Administration Honours will nurture the students with,

  1. The basic and essential knowledge regarding the array of activities essential to execute a socially responsible business enterprise.
  2. The nourishing of the skill which in turn will assist them in properly executing an activity in a business.
  3. A global view of a plethora of industrial and organizational ventures, their functions and the manner in which they support the business system.
  4. An understanding of the responsibility to specialize in the area of management, including, human resource, finance, operations, marketing and systems.
  5. The information about the micro level concepts of business and management to the students.
  6. A development of the culture of dealing and consumer aptitude among the people at large.

Program Outcomes

The Bachelor of Business Administration Honours objectifies on the core learning which ensures cognitive and behavioral proficiency that the Graduates should possess after they have cleared the examination. Thus, after the program the students are able to,

  1. Pursue critical thinking and decision making attributes with excellence
  2. Enhance their communication skills
  3. Identify ethical behavior and social responsibility
  4. Radiate core business knowledge
  5. Develop a comprehensive perspective.

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