B. Tech - Civil Engineering
Courses Offered - G H Raisoni University, Saikedha

Program Highlights

The program of Bachelor of Technology in Civil branch was initiated with the objective of providing the students with a platform for learning which in turn is also an amalgamation of theoretical understanding and practical implication. The program provides the students with the most updated curriculum. With the help of the latest in tools and technology the students are given the best of the knowledge and information. The aim is basically to create engineers which are able to carve a niche with their education and learning.

Program Objectives

The Civil Engineering program continues to be a prevalent field and thus the course inculcates the students with,

  • The knowledge of performing their abilities with efficiency
  • The providing of the know how to them pertaining to their contribution to the welfare of the society
  • The learning of the strategies to analyze data
  • The making of them aware  of the technical concepts associated with the development of infrastructure, design, sustainability and construction management
  • The adopting of the new and innovative technology
  • The assurance to avail the idea of the significance of lifelong learning in order to achieve their personal and organizational growth.

Program Outcomes

The program has been so made that it makes sure that the students garner the ability to accomplish milestones once they have completed the program. So, they would have learnt,

  • Planning, analyzing, designing, preparing cost estimate as a part of the basis of the variety of Civil Engineering projects
  • The ability to apply modern construction techniques, equipments and management tools for ensuring benefits of a project
  • The designing of solution to complex engineering problems
  • Utilizing research based knowledge in order to reach valid conclusions
  • Working in accordance with the norms of society and environmental contexts.
  • Nurturing the professional ethics and responsibility.

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