Dear all,

Thank you for expressing an interest in our University. We understand the importance of all-round education of our students. So, by considering this, we start an Institution’s Innovation Councils in university by taking highly qualified and experience professor to create students ideas into reality.


Innovation is the simple term of converting ideas into new or modified products, process, services, etc. In innovation, it is all about taking inventions into a market by converting scientific knowledge into a new modified product, service, etc. for economic growth and also social development in a simple economic way.

Dr. Sandeep Petkar
Dean IIE

Ideas are generated in their mind during their study, especially during their lab work/project work. To capture these new ideas and converting into a reality, Institution Innovation Cell (IIC) plays a very crucial role. So, the research & innovation are the primary/first stage to do something new in their field in higher education institute under the guidance of their Professor

Hence, through the Innovation Cell, we will focus on creating and developing the Innovation culture from idea generation to pre– incubation, incubation and graduating from the incubator as successful start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures.

About Institution’s Innovation Council

GHRU has established an Institution’s Innovation Council with a purpose of systematically fostering the culture of innovation and research among the faculties and students.

As evolution & innovation is a continuous process, they directly impact on daily lives of human being. Our day-to-day living has become more technology oriented. In this regards innovation & research becomes an essential component for human development. So to fulfil student’s overall development, we have to focus more on technology and research oriented activity. IIC is linked with the other innovative research organization, which have made academic, social and industrial impact. It will function under a web of interconnected research centers and laboratories which focus on area such as agricultural research, engineering & technology, etc.

IIC Board of Governance

  • Dr. Sandeep Petkar : President, IIC
  • Mr. Dipak Deshpande : Vice President, IIC
  • Mr. Anoop Vishwakarma : Convener & NIRF Coordinator, IIC
  • Dr. Mustafizul Haque : ARIIA & Innovation Coordinator, IIC
  • Dr. Rupesh Dudhe : IPR & internship Coordinator, IIC
  • Dr. Suhas Mane : Startup Coordinator, IIC
  • Dr. Amantulla Mansuri : Social Media Coordinator, IIC

Focus areas of IIC

The Research has no boundaries. We are focusing on some of the global issues and challenges by applying scientific me IIC functions under a web of interconnected research centers and laboratories, which serve in versatile focus areas such as Engineering and Technological research, Agricultural Science, Commerce, Management and Administration, Industrial legislation and Pharmaceutical Science. All these centers are designed to serve an industrial, Educational and Socio-economic development.


As per the guidelines of MoE's, Innovation Cell conduct Calendar Activity, MIC Driven Activity and Self-Driven Activity that gives various opportunities to the students and faculty members to interact with various university and explore there infra-structure and technical support to improve our educational quality and research work.

Under IIC, we organize IPR, Entrepreneurship, Startup, Incubation-Pre Incubation and Critical Thinking activity. With the help of these activities, we introduce our future requirements and need so that faculties & students could better understand challenges.

IIC Goal - Patents

Through our focus towards promoting social, economic and scientific development, we promote distinct inventions and novel scientific processes. Our comprehensive approach towards technical education has created platforms for our students and faculties to engineer and develop various technical solutions having immense social utility. It will result for the University having a significant number of patents.

Patents/Copyrights in Process / Awarded

Sr. No Name of School Patents Applied Patents Awarded Copyright
1. School of Agricultural Science 05 02 NIL
2. School of Commerce & Management 02 In Process 03
3. School of Engineering & Technology 04 In Process 07
4. School of Pharmacy 05 02 06
Total 16 04 16



The 'National Student and Faculty Start-up Policy-2019' is initiated by MHRD’s Innovation Cell and AICTE. It is a guiding framework to envision an educational system oriented towards start-ups and entrepreneurship opportunities for student and faculties.

The guidelines provide ways for developing entrepreneurial agenda, managing Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) ownership, technology licensing and equity sharing in Start-ups or enterprises established by faculty and student and encourage them to actively pursue path of innovation and entrepreneurship

Our vision is to develop high quality technical human resource capable of doing cutting edge research and innovation and deep-tech entrepreneurship.

  • To establish vibrant and dynamic Start-up Ecosystem across all the departments.
  • To enable the institute to actively engage students, faculties and staff in innovation and entrepreneurship related activities.
  • To create a space for Collaboration, Co-creation, Business Relationships and Knowledge Exchange.
  • To facilitate the institute in terms of Intellectual Property (IP) ownership management, technology licensing and equity sharing.
  • Innovation Development
  • Entrepreneurship Exposure and Skills Development
  • Support Facilities for Start-up Services
  • Inter-Institutional Partnership
  • Network with Regional and National Start-up Eco-System
  • Industry Support, Corporate & Private Partnership Linkage
  • Technology Commercialization
Short-term Goals:
  • Developing critical thinking skills to motivate students and faculties with entrepreneurial abilities.
  • Building Innovation and Incubation ecosystem by providing resources available at the Institute.
  • In-house competency development to serve potentiality to the incubators.
  • Strengthen the intra and inter institutional linkage with ecosystem enablers at different levels.
  • Defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Entrepreneurial Performance Impact Assessment.
Long-term Goals:
  • Innovation, Pre-incubation, Incubation and start up facilities on the campus
  • Academic courses offered by the institute on Innovation, IPR and Start-ups
  • Obtaining scientific and technical patents by Incubators and Start-ups
  • Collaboration, Co-Creation and Technology Exchange and Commercialization
  • Emerging successful Innovation and Start-ups from the Institute
  • Increase technical employment rate through self-employment by Start-up
  • Developing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Entrepreneurial Performance Impact Assessment.
  • Creating societal, ethical and technological entrepreneurs through National Innovation and Start-up Policy.
Committee Members
S. No Name of the Faculty/Expert Designation Email ID
1 Dr. Meena Rajesh Chairman NISP vc@ghru.edu.in
2 Dr. Sandeep Petkar NISP Coordinator sandeep.petkar@ghru.edu.in
3 Dr. Narsimhachary Convener narsimhachary.damanapeta@ghru.edu.in
4 Dr.Shriram Joshi Member registrar@ghru.edu.in
5 Dr.Jignesh Doshi Member jignesh.doshi@ghru.edu.in
6 Dr. Dheeraj Deshmukh Member dheeraj.deshmukh@raisoni.net
7 Mr. Manohar Golait Member manohar.golait@ghru.edu.in
8 Dr.Partha.Roy Member dean.pharmacy@ghru.edu.in
9 Mr.Amol Nagmote Member amol.nagmote@raisoni.net
10 Ms.Pooja Jain Member pooja.jain@ghru.edu.in
11 Mr.Abhijeet Bhoyar Industry Representative/Entrepreneur abhijeetbhoyar9@gmail.com
12 Ayush Gaikwad Industry Representative /Entrepreneur ayush1998cool@gmail.com
13 Rohit Manuboti Student member rohit manubotirohith.manuboti.me@ghru.edu.in
14 Rohit Raout Student member rohit.raut.mi@ghru.edu.in
Action Plan Planned Programs Activities:
Annexure-I Action plan Planned Programs Activities.
I& E Policy Objectives Thrust Area Planned Intervention: Program/Activities (Input)
Objective 1 Developing an Innovative/Entre preneurial mind set through series of activities Motivational Speech on I/E from Startup founders/Alumni
To establish institutional mechanisms, processes and guidelines to generate knowledge, intellectual properties and innovations from institute and commercialization of innovations through technology transfer licensing and start-ups etc. Faculty induction program (IPR)
Workshop/Webinars on Design thinking
Objective 2 Teaching learning Academic courses related to I&E
To Develop a critical mass of motivated students & faculties with creative potential, and entrepreneurial orientation & skill set. Participation of faculty in FDP/training conducted by HEI approved by regulatory body of HEI/state/central government.
Objective 3 Generation of Innovations/Idea s with support of HEI Organization of Hackathon
To build and strengthen the in-house mentor pool and human resource capacity to drive campus I&E activities; identifying, hand holding and guiding potential/early stage entrepreneurs, student innovators at the Institute on a regular basis Organization of competitions like, Ideathon
Objective 4 Dedicated infrastructure & facilities to promote I&E at HEI, Promotion of collaboration for Co-creation of I&E activities No. of Internship opportunities in association with Industries
To build infrastructure support and facilities to promote innovation & startup and enabling an environment of easy access to resources within and outside the institute No. of dedicated staff to oversee I&E activities under leadership of senior faculty
Key Performance indicator
Hierarchy of Objectives Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Means and Verification
Vision % Increase in Self-Employment Rate ARIIA/NIRF
No of Established Start-ups ARIIA/NIRF
Goal/Impact Enabling Environment Established with multiple level of support for innovation & Entrepreneurship in Institute ARIIA/NIRF
No/% of Graduate students choose Entrepreneurship as career & # Increment/year ARIIA/NIRF
No/% of Student and Graduates Practicing Entrepreneurship & # Increment/year ARIIA/NIRF
Outcomes Nos/% of student & faculty mass with entrepreneurship Orientation # Increment/year ARIIA/NIRF
Nos/% of Student & faculty motivated to start any entrepreneurial activity & #Increment ARIIA/NIRF
No of IPR/Innovations developed for commercialization & # Increment/year ARIIA/NIRF
No of Student/Early Stage Start-ups formed & # Increment/year ARIIA/NIRF
No/% of In-house Expert Capacity available for Advisory Services & # Increment/year ARIIA/NIRF
% of Satisfaction over Advisory services offered to Innovators & Early Stage Entrepreneurs ARIIA/NIRF
Network Established with connecting multiple stakeholders & Ecosystem Enablers ARIIA/NIRF
Outputs No/% of Student & faculty mass exposed to awareness/orientation building programs & # ARIIA/NIRF
•No/% of Students covered through entrepreneurship Education; MOOC Class Room Experiential Learning programs etc & # Increment/year ARIIA/NIRF
No of beneficiaries are accessing the infrastructure & facilities per day month & # Increment ARIIA/NIRF
No of innovators identified; No of awarded /recognised; No of Supported & # Increment ARIIA/NIRF
No of Entrepreneurs identified; No of awarded /recognised; No of Supported & # Increment ARIIA/NIRF
No of Student projects turns to (commercialize) Innovations ARIIA/NIRF
No of IPR based product/services generated and registration filed ARIIA/NIRF
No/% of in-house trained professional developed for advisory services & # Increment ARIIA/NIRF
No of Research Studies on Entrepreneurship published ARIIA/NIRF
No of Regional National and International linkages established for the start-up & innovation ARIIA/NIRF
No/% Representatives of experts & entrepreneurial students across Dept & Disciplines ARIIA/NIRF
No of Beneficiaries Referred to Incubators/investors for further support through Start-up Cell ARIIA/NIRF
No of Beneficiaries generated under various schemes and programs leveraged and converged at Start-up Cell ARIIA/NIRF
Activities No and types of Education/Skill certification program on Entrepreneurship IIPR Innovation etc. ARIIA/NIRF
No of workshops awareness market out reach events orientation advocacy meetings etc. ARIIA/NIRF
No of networking event (Intra and Inter-institutional enablers stakeholders) organized ARIIA/NIRF
No of skill and competency development training programs/FDPs/EDPs organised ARIIA/NIRF
No of research studies related to Entrepreneurship conducted ARIIA/NIRF
No of convergence and leverage with schemes/programs offered by major enablers ARIIA/NIRF
No of national and regional award and campus Hackathon like events organised ARIIA/NIRF
Incentivising Entrepreneurship and Innovation; services and facilities; Start-up Manual policies tool kits etc. ARIIA/NIRF
Amount of total budget/year spend against total institution revenue for start-up ARIIA/NIRF
Budget allocation and Spend ratio for the start-up mandate in institute ARIIA/NIRF