Data Science & 3-D Printing Workshop

“Data Science & 3-D Printing Workshop”

Data Science & 3-D Printing Workshop

Date: 5th-9th FEB 2020

In the 21st century, the new driving force behind industries is Data. As a matter of fact, even automobile industries are using data to impart autonomy and improve the safety of their vehicles. The idea is to create powerful machines that think in the form of data.

Data Science is also the electricity that powers the industries of today. Industries need data to improve their performance, make their business grow and provide better products to their customers.Similarly, take an example of a Business Intelligence company is required to analyze its potential customers base. It requires a Data Scientist to utilize the data they breathe on the internet to track their daily trends and analyze their behavioral patterns."Data Scientist" is the #1 profession in America for 2020, according to Glass door, with $123,000 as the median base salary currently paid to the data science professionals. The US alone suffers from a shortage of 190000 data scientists. India being a global IT leader has a significant prospect for this role.

To assuage the high demand, people should direct their attention towards learning the necessary skills that will help them to take up Data Science as a prospective career. There is a pressing need to fill the skill gap in order to churn out Data Scientists required by industries for their versatile applications. With this Vision in mind, a three-day workshop on Data Science is conducted from 5th-9th Feb 2020 at G H Raisoni University, Saikheda in collaboration with KITS Tech-learning Centre. The event commenced with kindling the lamp by the hands of  Mr.Shriram Joshi, Registrar GHRU, the Speakers of the Workshop- Dr.Vijay.G.Bhattad, Ex-Scientist, NASA & V.P Operation, KITS, Miss. Kajal Rajvaidya, International Data Science trainer & CEO, KITS under the sincere presence of  Prof. Sonia.H.Bajaj, Event Co-ordinator & Prof. Shailesh Vyas, Event Co-ordinator, Computer Science & Engineering Department. The Workshop had a total 50 vibrant participants from diverse fields having Data Science as their keen subject of interest. The Workshop provided a primer on the subject through intense lecture cum hands-on sessions on AI-based systems and Object detection application. The event concluded by a demo of India’s First Robotic Arm-A Patent in the name of Dr. Vijay Bhattad and team which added more curiosity among the students towards learning & excelling in the field.

Submitted by: Prof.Sonia Bajaj( Event Coordinator & Incharge)