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Behind this Exemplary
Institution lies a Vision

Every child is special and is born with a natural ability and talent. We, at Raisoni University, believe in providing an equal opportunity platform that hones their natural ability. Hence, we offer 7 different streams of graduation and post-graduation courses. The generous financial aid programme ensures that a deserving talent is not lost out due to his or her financial predicament.

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The Bylanes of Education that Shape the Vision

Education is our core. But our students are groomed through a pedagogy that supports all round development of their personalities through a range of allied acti...


Behind this Exemplary
Institution lies a Vision

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All round the world, the most successful entrepreneurs, the finest engineers and the accomplished



The schools have been well sufficed with an updated curriculum and promising pedagogies to nuture the students with excellence in their subject



The laboratories have the best-in-the-class facilities in the form of their functional structure and the needful apparatus.



Indeed, with repository of knowledge in the form of a treasure trove of books, journals and reading material


Robust functional facilities await you at all our institutes

Structures and amenities that assist you in research, experiments, study, recreation and stay.

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All that's happening,
happens to be here

Education is our core. But our students are groomed through a pedagogy that supports all
round development of their personalities through a range of allied activities.

March 12, 2020


Women's Day Celebration
March 08, 2020

Women's Day Celebration

March 06, 2020

Session on Employability Skills

‘‘ The vision I have for the G H Raisoni University requires pedagogies centering on diligence and development. And, I am assured of this and much more with a comprehensive objective of making it one of the top Universities of India. ‘‘

Shriram Joshi
Registrar GHRU Saikheda

‘‘ I will always be thankful to the University for shaping my career, for skill development, for instilling professionalism in me. But, above all for making, learning, enriching and enjoyable. ‘‘

Mr. Sangars V Bharadwaj
Students - School of Agriculture

‘‘ At the G H Raisoni University we emphasize on complete development of our students. Thus, our approach is a blend of practical exposure and research-based teaching. With this students learn in-depth and ingest more. ‘‘

Dr. Kewin Gawali
Dean - School of Agriculture

‘‘ I have been rather amazed at the manner in which the G H Raisoni University has shaped up within a short span of 2 years. The sprawling area, the facilities, the research and the faculty, each has made sure to set an exemplar of excellence. ‘‘

Prof. Dr. Daniel C. Taylor
President - Future Generations University, Franklin, West Virginia, United States

‘‘ The G H Raisoni University and hostel has been our best decision so far as parents for our child. The premises are safe, the food is delicious, and there is plentiful opportunity for job-oriented skill development. ‘‘

Mrs. Aarti Rakesh Goda
Mother of GHRU Student Yash Goda

‘‘ With the daily hustle bustle of life and the race to pursue a career, I could not get time for pursuing my passion of short film making. However, with the G H Raisoni University short term course, which is innovative and novel, this has been very much possible. ‘‘

Ms. Jyotsana Garg
Writer, Actor, Censor board Advisory Panel Member, Animal right activist & Traveler, Mumbai

‘‘ We must determine to use higher education as a tool to bring changes especially in socio-economic status of village -tribal community as an inclusive growth creating knowledge based society, empowerment of deprived students with equal opportunities and facilities to bring them to the National main stream. ‘‘

Dr. Meena Rajesh
Vice Chancellor - GHRU Saikehda
Mr. Sangars V Bharadwaj
Dr. Kewin Gawali
Prof. Dr. Daniel C. Taylor
Mrs. Aarti Rakesh Goda
Ms. Jyotsana Garg
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