Certificate Course on: Advertising and Brand Management 1500

  • Duration: 30 Hours

  • Per Day: 1-2 Hours
Advertising and Brand Management

The Training session will be live *Recorded lectures will be available

Advertising and Brand Management is course where you study on creative campaigns as part of multi disciplinary team, manage and develop identities, and maintain long-lasting brands through effective management of the creative concept and integrated communication campaigns.

Week Duration Topic Contents
Week 1 1-2 Hours Marketing Communication
  • Introduction to Marketing Communication
  • Communication mix elements
Week 1 1-2 Hours Integrated Marketing Communication [IMC]
  • Communication Process
  • Developing effective communication
  • Push & Pull Strategy
Week 1 1-2 Hours Advertising Program
  • Developing an Advertising Program
  • International Advertising Decisions
  • Social and Economic impact of Advertising
Week 1 1-2 Hours Sales Promotion & Packaging
  • Sales Promotion in IMC
  • Types of Sales Promotion
  • Effective Packaging
Week 1 1-2 Hours Personal Selling and Direct Marketing
  • Advantages of Personal Selling
  • Steps in Selling Process
  • Where to use Direct Marketing?
Week 1 1-2 Hours Role of IMC in Branding
  • Role of IMC in Branding
  • Model of IMC planning process
Week 2 1-2 Hours How Advertising Works
  • FCB Grid
  • Examples
Week 2 1-2 Hours Brand Management
  • What is a Brand?
  • Importance of Brand
  • Challenges to Brand builders
Week 2 1-2 Hours Strategic Brand Management Process
  • Steps
  • Key concepts
Week 2 1-2 Hours Customer Based Brand Equity [CBBE]
  • CBBE framework
  • Four Steps of Brand Building [CBBE Pyramid]
Week 3 1-2 Hours Brand Positioning and Values
  • Identifying and Establishing Brand Positioning
  • Positioning Guidelines
Week 3 1-2 Hours Developing a Brand Equity Measurement
  • The Brand Value Chain
  • BVC implications
Week 3 1-2 Hours Choosing Brand Elements to Build Brand Equity
  • Brand Elements
  • Criteria for choosing Brand Elements
  • Options and tactics for Brand Elements
Week 3 1-2 Hours Leveraging Secondary Brand associations to build Brand Equity
  • Creating secondary Brand Knowledge by linking Brand to Companies, Countries, Channels of distribution, Other Brands, Characters, Spokespersons, Events & Other third-party sources
Week 3 1-2 Hours Global Brand Expansion
  • Rationale for going International
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Global Marketing Programs
  • Global Brand Strategy