Certificate Course on: Mobile Application Development 1500

  • Duration: 30 Hours

  • Per Day: 1-2 Hours
Mobile Application Development

The Training session will be live *Recorded lectures will be available

The course will give students a complete hands-on experience in the field of Android application development. Previous experience in programming is not required, and the course is suitable for students with any level of computing experience. Kodular and MIT App Inventor will be used in the course. They provide blocks-based programming tools that allows everyone, even novices, to start programming and build fully functional apps for Android devices. Students can develop the applications and test them on their own Android devices and even publish the same on various app stores

Week Duration Topic Contents
Week 1 1-2 Hours Introduction Overview Making First App
Week 1 1-2 Hours Project Creation Creating a New Project
Week 1 1-2 Hours Project Testing (Web) Testing a Project in the Browser
Week 1 1-2 Hours Project Testing (Device) Testing a Project on a Phone
Week 1 1-2 Hours UI Model Including the jQuery UI Model
Week 2 1-2 Hours User Interface Creating a Multipage UI
Week 2 1-2 Hours Content Blocks Collapsible Content Blocks
Week 2 1-2 Hours Flip Switch Implementation of Flip Switch
Week 2 1-2 Hours Control Groups Implementation of Control Groups
Week 2 1-2 Hours List View Implementation of ListView
Week 3 1-2 Hours Storage The Local Storage Object
Week 3 1-2 Hours Storing Data Creating a Table and Storing Data
Week 3 1-2 Hours Data Retrieval Retrieving Data
Week 3 1-2 Hours Multimedia Services
  • Playing Audio and Video Content
  • Controlling Play Back of Media
  • Adjust Volume of Media
  • Media Position and Duration
Week 3 1-2 Hours Working with Hardware
  • Device Info Plugin
  • Device Orientation Plugin
  • Network Information Plugin
  • Battery Status Plugin