Certificate Course on: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management 1500

  • Duration: 30 Hours

  • Per Day: 1-2 Hours
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

The Training session will be live *Recorded lectures will be available

Small business (Micro enterprise management) has special nature concerning the financial and administrative capabilities. The students will get the managerial skills to organize the small business, limited resources management from the view point of cost management and the maximum utility of these resources are included. They will learn about the art of managing micro enterprises which employ between 10-100 people.

Week Duration Topic Contents
Week 1 1-2 Hours Entrepreneurship Orientation
  • Understanding difference between Business, Start-up & Entrepreneurship
  • Why Entrepreneurship?
  • Understanding Difference between Small Business and Entrepreneurial Ventures
  • Myths of Entrepreneurship
Week 1 1-2 Hours Entrepreneurial Qualities Understanding Entrepreneurial Qualities
Week 1 1-2 Hours Why Start-ups Fails? Understanding and discussing reasons why Start-up Fails.
Week 1 1-2 Hours Design thinking
  • Design Thinking Principles (Empathy, Use-centric, Observation),
  • Understanding difference between User & Customer
Week 2 1-2 Hours Business Idea and Business Model Canvas
  • All innovation are not Business Idea
  • How to make Business Model canvas?
Week 2 1-2 Hours Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
  • IPR for Start-up
  • Importance of IPR Management at Early Stage of Innovation and Start-ups
Week 2 1-2 Hours Market Research and Market Size
  • Understanding Market research
  • Estimating Market Size
Week 3 1-2 Hours Frugal Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship
  • What is Social Entrepreneurship?
  • Jugaad and Frugal innovation
Week 3 1-2 Hours Basics of Financials
  • Understanding Financial Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement
Week 3 1-2 Hours Break Even Point (Cost Volume & Profit Analysis)
  • Calculating Break-even point
  • Cost, Volume of Sales and Profit
Week 3 1-2 Hours Business Plan Pitch Deck
  • Preparing Business Plan Presentation
  • Pitching Skills
  • Case Study
Week 3 1-2 Hours How to Start a Start-up?
  • Steps to Register a Company
  • LLP vs PVT LTD
  • Specific licenses req. depending upon type of Business