Certificate Course on: Supply Chain and Logistics Management 1500

  • Duration: 30 Hours

  • Per Day: 1-2 Hours
Supply Chain and Logistics Management

The Training session will be live *Recorded lectures will be available

This course surveys operations research methodologies and techniques developed for a variety of problems arising in logistical planning of multi-echelon systems. There is a focus on planning models for production/inventory/distribution strategies in general multi-echelon multi-item systems. Topics include vehicle routing problems, dynamic lot sizing inventory models, stochastic and deterministic multi-echelon inventory systems, the bullwhip effect, pricing models, and integration problems arising in supply chain management. Probability and linear programming experience required.

Week Duration Topic Contents
Week 1 1-2 Hours Introduction to SCM
  • Introduction to SCM
  • What is Supply Chain
Week 1 1-2 Hours Objectives & Decision phases of SCM
  • Objective of Supply Chain
  • Decision phases of a Supply Chain
Week 1 1-2 Hours Process view of SCM
  • Cycle view of Supply Chains
  • Push / Pull view of Supply Chains
Week 1 1-2 Hours Supply Chain Macro Processes
  • Customer Relationship Management [CRM]
  • Internal Supply Chain Management [ISCM]
  • Supplier Relationship Management [SRM]
Week 1 1-2 Hours Drivers of Supply Chain Performance
  • Facilities
  • Inventory
Week 2 1-2 Hours Drivers of Supply Chain Performance
  • Transportation
  • Information
Week 2 1-2 Hours Managing Economics of Scale in the Supply Chain
  • Role of Cycle inventory in Supply Chain
  • Economic Order Quantity
Week 2 1-2 Hours SCM for Competitive Advantage
  • Opportunities enabled by SCM
  • Problems faced by Supply Chain Management
Week 2 1-2 Hours Bullwhip Effect
  • Meaning
  • Factors contributing Bullwhip Effect
Week 3 1-2 Hours Continuous Improvement Program
  • Lean production
  • 8 forms of waste
Week 3 1-2 Hours Project Scheduling
  • Basic steps taken in Project Management
  • Technique used in project scheduling [Work Breakdown Structure]
Week 3 1-2 Hours Scheduling tools or techniques
  • Gantt Chart
  • Networking Diagrams [PERT / CPM]
Week 3 1-2 Hours Modern Manufacturing Systems
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing System [CIMS]
  • Advanced Production Inventory Management Systems [APIMS]