Why Diploma in Hairstyling, Skin Treatment is The Best Career-Oriented Course In 2022-23?

Hair Styling

People are now crazier about their looks, hair, and they are willing to pay to get the best of it. This Hairstyling course in Amravati brings you lots of opportunities and earning options that you can get of your skill. Hairstyling involves certain hair treatments like cutting, cleaning, smoothening, straightening, etc. that maintain the beauty of the hair of men and women.

Skin Treatment

Talking about Skin treatments, we all are aware that beauty lies in skincare, nowadays we have so many skin treatments that we can have to maintain skin’s beauty and look young always. Then comes the make-up, make-up is meant to make you more beautiful and it is not just for a special occasion now, it is a part of the daily routine because no one wants to look outdated. Apart from that, there are so many advanced skin treatments also that give you your desired skin in very effective ways that you can learn in Diploma in Skin Treatment from GHRU Amravati.

Why Diploma in Hairstyling, Skin Treatment is The Best Career-Oriented Course In  2022-23

Studio Management

Studio management is the study of the various tasks that are performed in the studio like technical tasks, scheduling, invoicing, and managing all the background works. Studio manager’s work in several industries like Graphic designing, television studios, film studios, etc., for making a career in studio management, you can go for one year course of Diploma in Studio management in Amravati.

Diploma in Hairstyling, Skin treatment, and Studio Management

The Diploma in Hairstyling, Skin treatment, and studio management is one year course offered by GHRU Amravati in which you will be explained with a detailed knowledge of the hairstyling types of equipment, techniques, make-up products, makeup techniques, Bridal Makeup, studio management, and many more things related to it.

Course name Course Type Course Duration Eligibility Criteria Admission Process Job Profiles
Diploma in Hairstyling, Skin treatment, and Studio management Diploma 1-year 10+2 from any recognized board by any subject Entrance Exam/ Merit-based/ direct Beautician, hairstylist, studio managers, make-up artists

Diploma in Hairstyling, Skin treatment, and studio management syllabus

The subjects that students are trained with are:

Fundamentals of Makeup Fundamentals of hairstyling Fundamentals of studio Management
Stage and film makeup Stage and film hairstyling Stage and film studio management
Bridal and Engagement Makeup Bridal and Engagement hairstyling Occasion Makeup and hairstyling
Franchise outlet Brand Endorsing Fashion Make-up and hairstyling

In this course, you will be going to learn some fundamentals of make-up, that will include some basic knowledge about make-up products, what all products you should use and some of the new latest products will be introduced. Nowadays there are so many types of equipment present for skin treatments also like massagers, steamers, cleaners, etc. Similarly, for hairstyling also, there are so many latest equipment, techniques, and treatments too, all these will be introduced by the experts of the field. The treatments like smoothening, straightening, rebonding give you lustrous and beautiful hair, there are some techniques, some creams that are used for doing that, for that, deep knowledge about all the cosmetics is a must because there should not be any mistakes in the practice that will disappoint the clients.

  • Stage and Film Make-up: Stage make-up is completely different from film make-up because theatrical make-up needs to be more expressive, which should be visible to the audience from any part of the hall. Whereas in the case of the film, a little bit of natural make-up is there because the camera can be zoomed to the face. All this you will be going to learn in this course which all techniques, colors to use in both the cases.
  • Bridal and Engagement Make-up and Hairstyling: Wedding and engagement are the two special days that are cherished for a whole lifetime, and you will be the one who will make it more special for a Bride. So, it is your responsibility to make her look like a princess on that day, for that special training and practice are required. For this, you should have the basic knowledge of skin tone and the skin type and which make-up will suit and also about the hair type, hair texture, and the hairstyle 4 to the costume or the dress. You will get all knowledge of these Skincare training courses from the Best Private University in Amravati.
  • Occasion make-up and Fashion make-up and Hairstyling:The make-up differs according to the occasion and people also, like for parties western make-up will be there, all the things will vary different eye-make-up and all, for traditional make-up it is different. Similarly, with the Fashion make-up that is done for a photo shoot or fashion shows, eye make-up lip colors and eye makeup differ a lot. A diploma in Hairstyling gives you full detailed knowledge of this.
  • Brand Endorsing and Franchise Outlet:Brand Endorsing and the Franchise outlet are the subjects, the students of the Diploma in Hairstyling, skin treatment, and studio management shall learn. Brand Endorsing is a strategy that is done for getting the best possible outcomes from the Business that you will be setting as a beautician. Further details about both will be taught in the course itself.

Diploma in Hairstyling, make-up, and Studio management scope

After completing this course from Top Hotel Management University in Amravati, GHRU there are so many opportunities like you can have a job or you can open up your own business. This diploma will give you so many opportunities in the field like Films, theatres, Fashion Industry, bridal orders, etc., so the scope is never-ending.


These are just a few reasons and can be many more in your mind to choose a Diploma in Hairstyling, make-up, and Studio management as a career option. All you need to do is enrol yourself today in one of the top hotel management colleges in Amravati, Maharashtra and kick start your career.

G H Raisoni University, Amravati is one such Hotel Management College in Amravati that is offering admission in Diploma in Hairstyling, Skin Treatments and Studio management with the best in class education facilities. While studying this Diploma course you will get complete exposure to the various perspectives of self-development and gaining the abilities to work efficiently in this industry. You don’t have to worry about the job placements once you Complete your Diploma from the best colleges for Hotel Management in Maharashtra, there are many opportunities to welcome you to the Hairstyling, Skin treatment, and Studio Management field.

What are you waiting for? Decide your future today and choose one of the best career options in 2021.