Student Clubs


Electrical engineering is the domain of engineering that deals with the study and the application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. B.Tech in Electrical Engineering is a professional engineering 4-year undergraduate course. It equips one with all the knowledge and skills one needs to develop new electrical equipment, solve problems and test various equipment. Thus, electrical engineers have a crucial responsibility thrust upon their shoulders. That is to take adequate safety measures while designing and approving equipment and deriving maximum utility of the equipment as per need. They use this course's knowledge to evaluate electrical systems, products, components, and applications. And also design and conduct research programs, thus applying their theoretical knowledge practically.

Trekking Club

Trekking club is first of its kind initiated in the campus towards saving our mother nature. Trekking club was constituted with students as club members and aimed at improving the diversity of plants and conservation of forest. Activities table under nature club are as follows:

Name of Activity Place of Activity Date of Activity Name Of Expert No of beneficiary
Nature trail Bandarjeera, Pohra-Malkhed Tiger Reserve Forest 04-08-2018 Mr. Om Gosatkar & Mr. Shanatu Patil, Member Youth for Nature Conservation, Amravati 15
Nature trail Bandarjeera, Pohra-Malkhed Tiger Reserve Forest 25-08-2018 Mr. Om Gosatkar & Mr. Shanatu Patil, Member Youth for Nature Conservation, Amravati 20
Nature trail Bhawani lake¸ Pohra-Malkhed Tiger Reserve Forest 08-09-2018 Mr. Om Gosatkar & Mr. Shanatu Patil, Member Youth for Nature Conservation, Amravati 15
Nature trail Pohra-Malkhed Tiger Reserve Forest 15-09-2018 Mr. Om Gosatkar & Mr. Shanatu Patil 20
Guest lecture on Role of Youth in Wild life and Nature Conservation and Opportunities of Engineering students in Wildlife National Service Scheme, G.H.R.C.E.M Amravati 16-02-2019 Mr. Gajendra Narwane, DFO, Amravati Division & Dr. Swapnil Sonane, President, Youth for Nature Conservation, Amravati 60

Dance Club

We have students from different cultures from across India. We give them a platform in different forms of dance which make them open to various cultures and inhibit their traditions. The Dancing Club is a fun group for people who wish to learn how to shimmy, shake, and body roll like they’ve never done before. The senior members choreograph and teach dances to new members that are performed throughout the year. Anyone is welcome to join; no previous dance experience is required.

Archery Club

Archery was started because a group of students showed an interest in archery and wanted to have a club that they could go to, to unwind and chat with friends and at the same time shoot bow and arrow. As for membership, anyone from students of GHRU or staff can join this club. You do not require any previous experience with a bow, and all supplies will be provided. Students can join this club at any time during the year. We do not have any dues nor do we have tryouts. The only thing we ask of the students is to come shoot some arrows, have a good time, and attend the meetings.

Toast Master Club

Do you want to practice public speaking, improve your communication and build leadership skills? With Toastmasters, you can break barriers.

Even though there are abundant knowledge on communication skill and leadership skill that are available on Youtube, Google and Books, knowledge we get out of looking at videos on Youtube, content in website and books will vanish so easily, because it is not practiced by you (Knowledge that is only practiced is called as skill, which will not vanish, last forever). Toast Master club is the platform which will develop skill by making you practice or experiment with knowledge you have and knowledge you get from fellow toastmasters.

Music Club

Whether you admit it or not, music imbeds our daily life, weaving its beauty and emotion through our thoughts, activities and memories. The Music Club was founded by a dedicated group of faculty, staff and students. The aim was to promote listening to classical music amidst campus residents, students included. The Music Club is for anyone who enjoys music regardless of whether they are musically gifted.

Coders Club

The Coders Club is a programming club run by the faculty and students of the Computer Science & Engineering department. It mainly focuses on training and developing the coding skills of the fellow members for learning various diversities of Coding and Design. Any staff or students who like to do coding can join this club. Itis the first coding club to assist and help the juniors from the very basics of programming.

Robotics Club

Robotics club is a place where we make robots together and discuss them. These robots may be quite simple eg. A pick and place mechanism or quite complex eg.a biped robot and manually or autonomously operated most tasks can be accomplished using both manually and autonomously operated robots (Atmega 2560 made Firebird V). The club provides workspace, tools, intellectually stimulating conditions and people to help you out if you have any problems. Prof. Akshay Kadu and Prof. Shrikant Chavate is incharge of this club.