“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”

This is exactly the school of thought we follow and look forward to imbibe in our students. Thus, we at the G. H. Raisoni University, portray the apt example in the form of our initiatives. We completely believe that we being one of the most promising educational institutes of the state have this responsibility to work as an exemplar.

And, this we pursue with the aid of the following initiatives:


SGR Knowledge Foundation Scholarship

“Education is all a matter of building bridges.”- And, we at the G. H Raisoni University believe in the same. In fact, we make sure of every step to bridge the gap between the education and the students. We have firm faith on the Right to education. In this context, we have initiated the scholarship by the SGR Knowledge Foundation undertaking.

In accordance with this the needy children are provided with scholarship. With the scholarship we make sure to give the deserving students the necessary financial aid to help them in their path of education. We also make sure to support the purpose of education; we have as the premier institute of the region. There are definitely some set criteria for the same which needed to be abided by for the fulfilling the eligibility. So, we make it our aim to turn the dreams into reality of the meritorious yet needy students.


Mobile Computer Van

“Computer Science is the operating system for all innovation” - Anonymous. Undoubtedly, Innovation and Technology have taken the world by a storm. And, in consideration with the school education, computer knowledge has become mandatory. In fact, the same can be said to the people belonging to all the strata of the society. Yet again, there are schools and villages which do not have access to computer literacy. So, we made sure to take the computer literacy to their homes, their villages and the Municipal Corporation Schools in the form of Mobile Computer Vans.

Our process includes 2 computer vans with a total of 17 computers in each. The teachers are well knowledgeable about each and every aspect of the education. A basic knowledge of computer is our objective so that the students and village women are able to groom themselves in the present day of Information Technology.


Knowledge Series

“Knowledge has a beginning but no end.”- We at the G H Raisoni University completely believe in the quote. We entirely abide by the fact that continuous Knowledge is the need for nurturing minds. Yet again, we are well aware that in the present hustle-bustle of life, it becomes rather tedious to reach out to knowledge hubs. This is the acumen we have come up with the Knowledge series.

This involves inviting the well-known and well knowledgeable luminaries at the institute and listening to their speech filled with wisdom. We make sure to involve the personalities of all the fields, so as to make sure that each of the attendants of the program is on the receiving end of diverse know-how. This series continues to enlighten the listeners. The knowledge bearers and imparters are felicitated for their work in the field as well.


Adopting village

“Charity begins at home”- a well known quote which we have always lived by. Thus, considering the villages as the root of our cities, we at the G H Raisoni Universitiy have adopted 2 villages till date. We understand the need of development in every nook and corner of the country. And, we have initiated the procedure from our villages.

The staff and the students take care of a plethora of aspects of the same. It includes educating the young and old minds. It inculcates spreading awareness with respect to the current and need-worthy issues. It also involves initiatives such as plantation drives to aid the village community. Care is taken so that they are well benefited from us. Health drives are also conducted from time to time to ensure a better health regime for them.


S-Jan Sports Award

“Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up.”- And we at The G H Raisoni University believe in felicitating those contenders who turned achievers. Amidst the plethora of fields which are responsible for the comprehensive development of an individual, sports definitely aces the list. We in association with the Sports Journalist give awards to the well-accomplished sports achievers of the region.

The event is a well organized program. The award is given to the go-getters by some of the most accomplished names of the sports arena. We have had the fortune of being the host of the preeminent names in the industry for the award show. With this award program, we intend to encourage the enthusiasm, diligence and sportsman spirit of the sports persons. We do comprehend the need of development in each and every facet of life of an individual. Being a premier University, it is a priority to suffice the need of the society and country with encouragement.


G H Raisoni All India FIDE Rating Chess Tournament

“Chess is everything: art, science and sport.”- We at the G H Raisoni University are well aware of the same. This game of pawns, kings, rook and queen has given our country some of the most renowned International players. And, we definitely aspire to continue in the league by encouraging the budding players.

Thus, every year we organize G H Raisoni Memorial All India FIDE Rating Chess Tournaments. Other than the pertinent aspect that it is executed based on the FIDE rating, this is one of the most promising events in the Chess arena. The tournament is well recognized by the FIDE, AICF, AMCA, NDCA and SAI to name a few. The winners, the first runners up and the second runners up are given cash price. There is the category of Best veteran player, unrated player and the Handicap player amidst the many others.


Employee Sports meet

“You are a wonderful part of our team!”- Indeed this is what we intend to say through the number of employees meet we organize. The Employee sports meet is one of them. We at G. H. Raisoni University are proud of our team and would never take a chance to not appreciate them. We completely comprehend that the day to day life in the institute gives them little time to practice their passions or hobbies. With the Employee sports meet we ensure that the employees are subjected to a plethora of sports and games.

It nurtures in them a spirit to play well. It encourages them to show their talents. And, most pertinent of all it gives them a free time to enjoy in the vicinity of the campus. The meet also involves felicitating the winners with awards. It is one of the finest programs on the campus.