Short Course in Mobile Film Making

  • Award: Certificate in Mobile Filmmaking
  • Duration: 25 hours / 5 hours a day
  • Requirements: Any mobile phone with a camera
  • Eligibility : Age 15 years and above
  • Fees : Rs. 6000/-


In the 21st century, Smartphones top the list of necessities to survive. Just a normal human’s opinion, but this fact is pretty much the truth. Smartphones make us the creator of our own digital world. We can create or erase everything as per our needs and requirements. Technologies used in smartphones have been improving with time, and we’re thankful to the greater advancements. This gives us the seamless opportunity to perform professional and personal work activities on-the-go.

Modern-day smartphones have modern-day cameras that lay out quite a competition to DSLRs and other cameras which has caught the attention of the users and made them switch to smartphones. This opens doors for many budding filmmakers to get their skills polished to design some quality feature films. With breakthrough technology and advanced camera lenses, Smartphone/Mobile Filmmaking have notched up their place in the market and are sure to provide great opportunities for the future.


  • How to use the mobile phone as a tool for visual storytelling.
  • How to think from script to screen.
  • Planning and shooting with a mobile phone.
  • Best ways to handle the mobile camera for stability and good quality footage
  • How to edit, adding sound, text, and titles, using the easy mobile application.
  • Exporting with the best settings for distribution and exhibition.

Component of the course

  • The Process of Film making Pre-Production, Production, and Post-production
  • Basic camera shots, angles, movement, and when to use it effectively.
  • Using supportive accessories for good visuals using mobile phones.

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