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Welcome to School of Law (SOL) G.H. Raisoni University, Amravati.

Dear Students,

We are one of the most significant School of G H Raisoni University, Amravati. School of Law is committed to providing a world-class legal education to a diverse and talented body of students. At SOL, students are given exposure to new ideas, international perspectives, and innovative teaching in an encouraging and open academic environment. As you are aware, that SOL has been established in the G H Raisoni University in 2018, a little over of two years, The School has contributed to Legal Education through its full-time, residential and non residential, B.A. LL.B (Integrated 5 Years Programme) ,LL.B 3 Years Programme and unique LL.M Programme provides every opportunity to the students for their fullest development in the field of their chosen Law Programme.

In Executive LL.M (E.LL.M) Programme we provide different area of specializations such as Constitutional Law and Administrative Law, National and International Alternative Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property Rights, Corporate and Commercial Law, International Law inclusive of Public and Private International Law and Criminal and Security Law. In LL.M programme we provide LL.M in different area of specializations such as Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Labour Law and we also have PhD Programme in Law. In SOL you shall get the teachers, the academic advisors and the academic support staff. We at SOL impart a rigorous and multi-disciplinary legal education with a view of producing world-class legal professionals, scholars, leaders and public servants. SOL empowers its students with knowledge, skills, and vision to meet the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing world.

Our School youth will be mould to new needs in legal knowledge to meet challenges of global corporations and movement of population both inside and out of nation. Experienced and dynamic faculty guided by eminent professors who designed the pedagogy and pattern of learning will teach law here. Mentors and visionaries in the field of higher education, legal studies, and multitasking with clinical and practical application of law in virtual court room ambience will provide cross continental experience in preparing students of law for future. That apart, a gracious involvement of scholars drawn from the bench, bar and academia will provide a feeling of professionalism, learn floor values of a court room nobility and ethics as a value addition. Marching along the intendment of the Bar Council of India, the UGC and other authorities governing legal studies, the school will inculcate research and investigative focus in legal minds to enter any type of challenging avocations.

I invite you to learn more about our distinctive approach to Legal education at School of Law, G H Raisoni University, Amravati. Where our experienced and dynamic faculty and staff are committed to providing an exceptional learning experience, in a spectacular, state-of-the-art, sustainably designed building!

School of Law

Overview of Program:

1. B.A. LL.B. 5 years Integrated Courses

BA LLB (Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Laws) is a professional integrated law course which is suitable for students who want to become a lawyer, an advocate, a legal advisor, or want to make a career in law and judiciary.

You can pursue this 5 years course right after passing Class XII. BA LLB Syllabus includes both Arts/Humanities subjects such as Sociology, Philosophy, History, Political Science, etc. and Law subjects such as Family Law, International Law, Constitutional Law, etc.

Apart from these theory subjects, practical training is also provided in the form of moot courts, case studies, research work, and law internships, which makes this course interactive and interesting.

The minimum eligibility to pursue B.A. LL.B. is completion of 12th.

2. LL.B. 3 years

LL.B. or Bachelor of Legislative Law is an undergraduate law degree which is a prerequisite for anyone who wants to enter the field of judiciary and law. The course is of 3 years, which helps to develop skills like problem-solving, communication, and judgment.

LL.B. course syllabus includes subjects such as Criminal Law, Family Law, International Law, etc. Apart from theory studies, seminars, moot court sessions, and internships are also a major part of the course curriculum. Hence, LL.B. subjects are very interactive and interesting.

The minimum eligibility to pursue LL.B. is to have a graduation degree.

3. LL.M. 2 years

The Master of Laws (LL.M.) is the degree of choice for career advancement and international credibility, particularly in today’s competitive and globally focused legal environment. Early- and mid-career lawyers pursue the LL.M. voluntarily when looking to expand their proficiency in a specific area of law.

Derived from Legum Magister, meaning master of laws in Latin, the LL.M. degree is an internationally recognized post LL.B. degree, most commonly sought out by legal professionals interested in specializing.

In other words, the LL.B. degree is considered the first degree among law professionals, while the LL.M. degree is considered the secondary, optional degree for lawyers interested in

pursuing advanced study in a particular area of law once they have earned the LL.B. degree. The LL.M. degree, therefore, denotes a legal professional who has acquired advanced, specialized legal training.

4. Executive LL.M. 1 year

This Programme for?

  • Students who are curious to know about Law and its provisions.
  • Fulfilling career by learning the techniques to tackle upcoming problems in the society.
  • Students who wish to bring change in our society through implementation of various laws.
  • Students interested in litigation and practice as legal advisors.
  • Students who are interested to study about various legal provisions and it application in various fields. Majorly, it includes the study of Constitutional Law, Contract Law, Labour Law, International Law, etc.
  • Students who are interested to join any legal corporate firms can even join this program.

Key Features:

  • Campus placement, training and support regarding placement will be given.
  • Personality development programs.
  • Local & High Court Visits.
  • Educational Tours.
  • Air conditioned modern Moot Court.
  • Legal Aid Camps.
  • Workshops/ Seminars by eminent judges, lawyers and experts of various fields.
  • Focused student training with emphasis on overall development through curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities
  • Dedicated student support system through Antiragging cell, Internal Complaint committee, Grievance Redressal Cell.
  • Ragging free campus.
  • Enriched library with e-journal facilities.
  • Committed to groom the students with excellent employability skills and Professional competency.
  • Recognised by University Grnats Comission (UGC), New Delhi
  • Lift Facility for all, Wi-Fi Campus and other Handicap persons related facility.
  • Student centric Teaching-learning methodologies
Department of Law

Career Opportunities:

Job Profile Job Description


A lecturer will formulate and take law lessons and classes in a college or a university, and teaching law aspirants about the basics of Indian Legal System.

Law Officer

A Law Officer is responsible to regulate all the legal aspects of the organization. Their main job includes protecting the organisation from any legal trouble and solve their legal problems.

Legal Associate

A legal associate coordinates with the clients and understand their requirements and formulate them in a formal legal manner. They usually work under a senior and respected lawyer or in some law firm.

Junior Lawyer

Junior lawyers are basically freshers who have just started their legal career. They work under senior advocates and lawyers to gain required skills and experience.

Legal Expert Advisor

A Legal Advisor develops and presents content in a large forum to inform internal and external clients on different legal issues and other regulatory developments affecting plans and programs, providing advice on the strategy and regulation of the company.


They are the experts in commercial law and their work is mainly related to advice and guide the company or client in the commercial


Litigators are also known as trial lawyers. They are responsible for managing all the phases of litigation from the investigation, pleadings, discovery, etc. through the different processes like pre- trial, trial, settlement, and appeal processes before a high court/ district court. After having enough experience, the chances of becoming a civil judge or a high court judge is higher.

Private Practice

They are private lawyers which may be associated with some firm or practice in their personal space. They can have any specialization.

Salary is generated through fees from the client.


Advocates are the legal face and representatives of a company, person, or client and manage and solve their legal activities and legal problems from top to bottom.

Legal Counsel

A Legal Counsel guides the company or a client about different legal terms and conditions and helps to save and protect the company from any legal issues.


A paralegal usually works in a law office or a law firm and has an administrative role to play like drafting documents, filing motions, interviewing clients, preparing retainers, copy work and everything according to the need of a lawyer/advocate.

Government Lawyer

A government lawyer assists the state/ central government in all the legal activities, from formulating to applying to regulating. They can be appointed as Government Attorney, Public Prosecutor, etc. after enough experience and qualifying examinations.


A magistrate serves in a lower court and resolves the local and regional issues presented before him/her.


A Notary is responsible for verifying documents and legal agreements.

List of Various Programs Offered:

Duration & Intake

  • LL.B. 3 years (120 seats)
  • B.A. LL.B. 5 years (120 seats)
  • LL.M. 2 years
  • E. LL.M. 1 year

Welcome to the school of thought, where knowledge is the pathway and amenities are the steps to the destination called ‘Success’.

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