M. Tech. Construction Engineering Management


  • Location - GHRU Amravati
  • Duration - 2 year
  • Program Type - Full time
  • Approved by - UGC

An MTech in Computer Engineering and Management focuses on shaping students to grasp their management skills regarding the Construction Engineering side. Our two-year program is ideal for students who have completed their Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. This MTech program is highly rated among national and international recruiters in the Construction business.

At GHRU, we focus on practical based learning, which keeps students on their toes and helps them become industry-ready by the end of the two-year program. With Construction becoming a mainstay industry in modern India, GHRU understands that this program can produce many bright Graduates for the country. Furthermore, our state of the art laboratories, along with experienced and thought evoked faculty and exceptional industry contacts help us provide the best combination of modern education to our students.

Course Structure

GHRU is a State Private University and is free to design its curriculum for MTech in Construction Engineering and Management. The syllabus at GHRU is revised and accessed regularly to meet the global standards. It also helps ensure that the students receive adequate knowledge and valuable learning time to impact the industry later on in their careers.


To be eligible for admission to the MTech in Construction Engineering and Management course, the candidate must appear in the GHRU entrance examination. The entries are solely based on the GHRU entrance examination.

Study at GHRU for a successful future & drive your career in the right direction with our M. Tech. Construction Engineering Management programs

Admission Procedure

  • Before starting every admission cycle, the University issues a notification on the University website, notice board and other public domains like newspapers, etc.
  • After the last date of application is over, a list of shortlisted students is put up on the University website, notice board, or the students are informed directly about their admission.
  • You are eligible to apply even if you're awaiting the results of your qualifying examination(s). Such candidates are offered provisional admissions and have to submit their previous years' mark sheet to confirm that they fall into the eligibility criteria. You must submit your mark sheet before the due date of applying for admissions. Once the provisional admission is approved, the candidate will have one month to provide the mark sheet for the qualifying examination. Subsequently, failing to do so will result in the cancellation of provisional admission.
  • If a candidate is granted provisional admission under the above-mentioned conditions and the said candidate fails to meet the eligibility criteria or has failed to obtain the required marks. In that case, the provisional admission is cancelled.
  • An application form is rejected for the following reasons:
    1. The candidate fails to fulfil the eligibility criteria provided by the University.
    2. The admission is cancelled if the candidate fails to enclose the prescribed fee.
    3. Provisional admission is cancelled if the application form does not contain the signature of the candidate and their parents/guardian, wherever applicable.
    4. The candidate fails to submit the supporting documents in time for admission
  • After submitting all the necessary documents and fees, the student will be assigned an enrollment number by the University.
  • Rules set by the University for the process of admission will be applicable from time to time.


An MTech in Construction Engineering and Management can earn numerous top-notch opportunities for the Graduates. As India is becoming a frontrunner in infrastructure development and the demand for eco-friendly buildings and infrastructure go up, you won’t be short of jobs. Furthermore, the added advantage of knowing the Management part of the industry will reserve these Graduates for the elite white-collar jobs that many can only dream of. Also, if you wish to continue studying after the course, there are several options to choose from.

Further Studies

If the Graduate wishes to study further, they can opt to do another Masters Degree in the domain or go for a PhD and pursue a lectureship in the future.

Job Opportunities

Here are the jobs that you can opt for after Graduation in MTech in Construction Engineering and Management:

  • Consultants
  • Project Managers
  • Valuation Consultants
  • Green Building Auditors
  • Site Engineers
  • Planning and Billing Engineers