Bakery and Confectionery
Complete Guide of Diploma in Bakery and Confectionery

A Bakery is a store or an outlet that makes you available food items that are made with flour and then cooked in oven-like bread, buns, doughnuts, pastries, pies, cookies, muffins, and many more. The Bakery has a wide variety of food items; both savory and sweet products are available in the bakery.

Skin & Hair Treatment
Why Diploma in Hairstyling, Skin Treatment is The Best Career-Oriented Course In 2021?

People are now crazier about their looks, hair, and they are willing to pay to get the best of it. This Hairstyling course in Amravati bring you lots of opportunities and earning options that you can get of your skill.

Event Management
A Career in Event Management. Is 1 Year Diploma good?

Event management is nothing but the management of the Events with certain processes involved like planning, coordinating, and promoting, for example, conferences, marriages, concerts, small to big parties, political rallies, exhibitions, etc. This field is considered to be the most creative field that always demands new ideas and innovation.

BSC in Hospitality
Benefits of B.Sc in Hospitality Studies why choose GHRU

The course of B.Sc in Hospitality Studies from top Hospitality studies colleges in Amravati gives an individual a detailed study of the hotel and hospitality industry along with the travel and tourism sector. Hospitality studies are one of the courses that are in high demand all over India. A degree in hospitality management will help to step into the many opportunities in the industry.

Culinary arts
Explore a career in Culinary arts from the Best Hotel Management College in Amravati

TIf you are still confused about which area of culinary art you want to specialize in then you must enrol yourself for the bachelor in culinary arts and get a better understanding of your choice of program

 Food Culinary Cooking
Food Culinary Cooking – A Career opportunities after 12th

Are you looking for a career option after 12th in the food industry? Do you aspire to work in the food services and restaurant business?

 Hotel Management
A career in Hotel Management and selecting top hotel management University in Maharashtra

One of the most emerging fields with tremendous growth in today’s time is hospitality, hotel management, travel and tourism. Maharashtra is one of the states in India that is a popular travel destination and hence this field is more encouraged by industrialists.