Three days Training Program on MS Excel Conducted by G H Raisoni University, Amravati
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“Three days Training Program on MS Excel Conducted by G H Raisoni University, Amravati”

A training program on MS Excel was organized by G H Raisoni University, Amravati for all non-teaching staff members recently. Microsoft Excel is really an important all employees for smooth working in work place because every day technology has change so we need to get more information by new technologies and applications. It’s making develop our creativity and fast working style. Therefore our organization conducted different types of seminar and workshops grooming for staff members. This time university was organized 3 days workshop on MS Excel and uses of internet. It is an important application in computers that need to be used in daily working in back office. That enhances data management creativity. The training sessions was conducted by MS Excel expert Mr. Prajakt Pande. In this training program he stated with the basic introduction to MS excel and gave detailed explanation excel interface. He was also gave information about uses of internet, important parts in email, and Google suit. The participants learned about Cell reference, inter sheets cell reference, graphs, PMT function, filter, ready templates, uses of Google calendar for daily appointments etc. It was a very needful and benefited training program for all the participants. All the participants learnt new concepts in Excel and were quite satisfied with this training session.