Diploma in Housekeeping and Front Office


Housekeeping and Front office are two very important parts of the hospitality services. As they say, first impressions play a very crucial role. Similarly, housekeeping and front office services determine the quality of all other services coming under the hospitality sector. The front office department is what guests first interact with, which is the reception area. They convey all their complaints and wishes to them. And they in their turn relay the guest’s requests and concerns to the housekeeping department. It’s the housekeeping officer’s responsibility to fulfill their client’s desires and make them comfortable. Thus, both of these departments work together and deliver the best of services.

Diploma in Housekeeping and Front Office is a very popular course. If you are interested in making a career in the hospitality sector then this is an ideal course for you. As it will inculcate in you all the necessary skills concerning the front office and housekeeping department. Diploma courses are very feasible, more practice-based and make a person job-ready quicker. However, getting a diploma from an adept institute is paramount. Similarly, choosing the right institution for doing a diploma in housekeeping and diploma in front office is crucial. There are a number of best front office and housekeeping colleges in Amravati. But the most popular is the prestigious and reputed G H Raisoni University. We offer various competent courses and amongst them is diploma in housekeeping and front office.

About Course

The diploma in housekeeping and front office falls under the school of hotel management and catering technology. It equips an individual with all the necessary skills and knowledge required to be able to deliver efficient housekeeping and front office services. That includes a variety of tasks like hotel maintenance, supervision, sanitation, decoration and communication. These skills are imbibed in them by theoretical and practical training modules. Qualified faculty impart their knowledge of the related subjects. While professional experience through practical sessions and industry internships makes them ready to get working in the field. And G H Raisoni provides the best of all facilities and opportunities to their students to make a career in hotel management.

Course Objective

The ultimate objective of this course is to turn students into skilled hospitality professionals through theoretical and practical training. A housekeeper's job is to clean and take care of the maintenance of the hotel rooms. Also to make their guest’s stay comfortable and cater to their needs efficiently. This is what a diploma in housekeeping makes one capable of. While the front office department is specifically responsible for providing good customer service to the guests. And so is the diploma in front office. Thus, this course aims towards imbibing the required skills in the students so that they make this possible.

Course Duration

Just like all diploma courses, this diploma in housekeeping and front office course is also time effective.. At GHRU it is for 1 year. Thus not very time consuming and pretty time effective.


The eligibility criteria for this diploma in housekeeping and front office course from Our G H Raisoni University Amravati. Is the minimum qualification you require is to have passed 10+2 board from a recognized board. And For Open Category student’s minimum of 45 % marks and for Reserve/Category Students it should be a minimum of 40% in 12 th.

Study at GHRU for a successful future & drive your career in the right direction with our Diploma in Housekeeping and Front Office

Subject Name

A wide variety of topics are covered in this course which include the following subjects.

  • Introduction to Hotel Industry and Growth, History of the hotel.
  • Classification and Organization of Hotel
  • Tariff Structure And Guest Handling Reservation
  • The Role Of Housekeeping In Hospitality Operation
  • Organisation Chart Of The Housekeeping Department
  • Cleaning Organisation
  • Compostion, Care And Cleaning Of Different Surfaces
  • Inter Departmental Relationship

They all aim towards garnering a better understanding and knowledge about the working, history and dynamics involved in the art of housekeeping.

Prerequisite Documents

The documents required depend on the eligibility criteria of the institute. Usually 10 and 10+2 qualification certificates are asked for. And some organizations may need documents for identity and other verifications.

Further Opportunities

After completion of a UG level course in housekeeping, one can go for further studies in the same field or opt for jobs. Many job opportunities are available for people who have completed a diploma in housekeeping and front office. Which typically consists of jobs where the organizational and managerial skills count. They can work as receptionists, reservation agents, housekeeping executives, cashiers and guest relations officers. And their recruitment is mostly done by hotels, guest houses, travel agencies and resorts. Thus the future prospects that this course offers is quite attractive.

Training Modules

Different institutes adopt different training modules for teaching the students the front office and housekeeping skills. G H Raisoni University is considered among the best front office and housekeeping colleges in Amravati. Which is mainly due to our all-encompassing training modules. That is our modules help the students in combining hands-on practical training with Hospitality Management Theory. Thus the best modules are the ones which imbibe in the students the theoretical understanding of the subject. As well as the skills to apply their knowledge in real life situations. Also a good training module successfully shapes the individual's attitude and values as suitable for excelling as a housekeeper.

How is the Course Assessed?

We can find out whether an individual has acquired the knowledge and skills imparted to them or not only by evaluation. So we employ different assessment techniques for this very purpose. These mainly include examinations to test the theoretical knowledge and practical’s to check the practical skills that they have adopted.

Additional Benefits of Course

Diploma in Housekeeping and Front office is an ideal starting point for beginning your career in the hospitality sector. The course inculcates in individuals certain qualities which may prove to be useful for them to grow as an individual. Thus aiding them to grow as a professional and excel in their career. The skills include being a good planner, organizer, communicator and possessing other ethical and personal values. This contributes to their overall development.