Diploma in Hair Styling , Skin Treatment and Studio Management


Appearance plays a major role in our personal as well as professional lives. Especially with these changing times, people have become extra conscious about how they look and what they wear. Moreover, it isn't limited to females but everyone is now more inclined towards making themselves look their best. Thus this has increased the demand for hairstylists, beauticians, cosmetologists, and other specialists. They work wonders on a person to make them shine and bring out the best of their personality. And this gives a person a lot of confidence and contributes to making them comfortable in their own skin. So if you have a flair for making people look beautiful then this course is definitely for you.

A diploma in various beauty-related courses is available at G H Raisoni University. It is the leading Diploma in Hair Styling College in Amravati and also the Top Colleges in Amravati, Maharashtra. Diploma courses are one’s best shot for going into unconventional fields and seeking formal education for them. Moreover, they are pretty convenient when considering the time and money factors. You can become ready to work in the industry sooner than you can imagine. Which is due to the much-needed practical exposure diploma courses provide.

Also, G H Raisoni is the best Diploma in Studio Management College in Amravati. This course is available in very few institutes in the country. We make you fit for catering to the needs of the media-related industries as a studio manager. Our faculty, training modules, placement cells, and other amenities are well equipped. Thus, making us proudly count ourselves amongst the top studio management colleges in Maharashtra.

About Course

Going with the name, it says that this course deals with domains like skincare, hair care, and studio management. The aim of this program is to instill relevant skills in the students and thus make them effective beauty and hair care professionals. Also, it focuses on creating good studio directors and studio heads in various media-related professions.

Course Objective

The objective of this Diploma in Hair Styling, Skin Treatment, and studio management course is to provide you an edge over the others and make you competent. So that you prosper in your career and life. This program equips you with all the knowledge and skills that you need to become a good makeup artist, hairstylist, and studio manager. Also, it focuses on all the different areas where you can render your professional services. So that you can make a name for yourself due to your proficiency in what you do.

Course Duration

Just like all diploma courses, this Diploma in Hair Styling, Skin Treatment, and studio management course is also time effective. The period may differ from one institute to another. But just like at most places, the course duration ranges between 6 months to one year. Thus you will be job-ready as soon as possible. In Our G H Raisoni University Amravati, the duration of the course is 1 Year.


The eligibility criteria for this Diploma in Hair Styling, Skin Treatment, and studio management course from Our G H Raisoni University Amravati. Is the minimum qualification you require is to have passed 10+2 boards from a recognized board. And For Open Category student’s minimum of 45 % marks and for Reserve/Category Students it should be a minimum of 40% in 12 th.

Study at GHRU for a successful future & drive your career in the right direction with our Diploma in Hair Styling , Skin Treatment and Studio Management

Subject Name

The following subjects are included in this program’s curriculum at GHRU to provide you with in-depth knowledge. So that you have a thorough understanding of the basics and various techniques used in make-over and studio management.

  • Fundamentals of Makeup/ Hair styling/ Studio Management
  • Stage & Film Makeup/ Hair styling/ Studio Management
  • Corporate & Party Makeup/ Hair Styling/ studio Management
  • Engagement & Bridal Makeup/ Hair Styling/ Studio Management
  • Franchisee outlet & Brand endorsing
  • Occasion & Fashion Makeup/ Hair styling/ Studio Management

Prerequisite Documents

The documents required vary depending on the institute’s eligibility criteria. As mentioned in the criteria the corresponding educational certificates are to be submitted. And there are some other common documents that all institutes ask for during the admission procedure. They are for verification purposes and mainly include identity cards and address proofs.

What Does the Qualification Cover?

This Diploma in Hair Styling, Skin Treatment, and studio management program is an all-inclusive one. That is to say that it makes one capable of applying their theoretical knowledge in real-life settings. Also, it covers a range of sectors, the corporate sector, the media industry, the advertisement sector, and also private occasions. Moreover, this course covers all the different settings wherein your services are required.

Further Opportunities

A plethora of job opportunities are available for individuals who complete this diploma in Hair Styling, Skin Treatment, and studio management course. Not only can you take up different roles but can also work in different environments. Like you can work in corporate settings or film industry or even in private settings. You can be a makeup artist, hairstylist, beautician, fashion show stylist, and studio manager. Either different salons, beauty parlors can hire you or you can open your own beauty agency. Since the requirement of beauticians in the film industry and entertainment industry is very high, your chances of being out of work are almost negligible. Thus it's a promising career pathway.

Training Modules

The main part of any training program is its training modules. A good course consists of a curriculum that develops all necessary skills which are expected in that domain. Similarly, we at G H Raisoni University have designed our modules. Which are a union of classroom teaching and industrial training. Therefore it is known as one of the foremost Diploma in Hair Styling College in Amravati. And also one of the top colleges in Amravati, Maharashtra.

How is the Course Assessed?

One of the most important aspects of education is an assessment of the students. It's essential to find out how much and what all learning one has incorporated in their system. So for this very purpose institutes use different evaluation methods to test the practical and theoretical knowledge of the students. They mainly include written examinations and practical assessments. Thus, once one leaves the threshold of the institutes they will be all set to employ their professional skills in the industry.

Additional Benefits of Course

Doing this Diploma in Hair Styling, Skin Treatment, and studio management course opens many doors for individuals in the styling and beauty sector. Especially if one does it from the top colleges in Amravati, Maharashtra. It provides authentication to the recruiting agencies and individuals and also makes them trust you and your skills more. You can establish your name in the beauty industry by working under someone or by opening your own beauty agency. Moreover, you can also work as a beauty magazine writer and beauty care specialist. Thus making a successful career in this industry in different ways.