Diploma in Food Culinary Cooking


Gone are the days when people used to consider cooking nothing more than a household chore. Undoubtedly it's a survival skill but much more than just that, it's an art that some people revere. It is an important skill which many strive to master. A lot of dynamics are involved within the whole culinary department. So it led to the introduction of a proper training module in the form of different culinary art courses. All those aspiring to make a career in the catering and hoteling industry can benefit from these courses. Diploma in Food Culinary Cooking in Amravati is a very popular and feasible course. Moreover, G H Raisoni University is a leading Food Culinary Cooking College in Amravati, Maharashtra. Among the various diploma courses that we offer, culinary arts is amongst the best ones.

There are innumerable benefits of doing diploma courses, typically in unconventional fields like the culinary arts. As these come among the professions for which none or negligible training is available. And rarely formal education is provided. So turning towards a Diploma in Food Culinary Cooking in Amravati is a smart decision. Especially if you are interested in culinary arts and are a budding chef. As the course will provide you with all the necessary skills and knowledge. Moreover it will provide you with the very much essential practical exposure in your chosen field. Also as per the perks of diploma courses it will make you job-ready very soon. And you will be able to establish your name in the food industry effectively.

Moreover, eating outside has gained momentum over the last few years. And so has the requirement for skilled culinary professionals. If your forte lies in cooking then you should definitely get enrolled in Culinary Cooking in Amravati. G H Raisoni University will pave your way towards your bright future in the food industry. As it is the best culinary college in Amravati.

About Course

The diploma in food culinary cooking is a certificate program which focuses on the field of culinary arts. It equips an individual with the skills and knowledge regarding the preparation to the presentation of delicacies. This course comes under the school of hotel management and catering technology. Hence, it teaches the students much more than various cooking methods and knowledge regarding food. But also inculcates in them the right professional attitude for catering to the needs of the hospitality sector. Thus after the completion of this course the students can assume various jobs and positions in the food industry.

Course Objective

The objective of this diploma in food culinary cooking certificate course is to train students in the culinary arena and provide them with the qualification for getting hired. It makes them capable of effectively and attractively preparing, cooking as well as presenting food. Also, the course instills certain managerial and organization skills in the individual. Thus, the course is ideal for the people who want to make a career in the food and kitchen management department.

Course Duration

The duration of this diploma in food culinary cooking course varies from institute to institute. It depends on the Food Culinary Cooking College in Amravati you have applied to. Generally the duration ranges between a year or two. Like in our college the duration of the course is only 1 year.


The eligibility criteria for this particular diploma in food culinary cooking course is not rigid but quite flexible. The maximum qualification required of the applicants is to have passed 10+2 board examinations. Furthermore, they can be of any of the three streams which are arts, science and commerce.

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Subject Name

With keeping the course objectives in consideration, the following subjects are included in diploma in food culinary cooking in Amravati :

  • Food production
  • Larder
  • Commodities
  • Food costing
  • Hygiene and nutrition
  • Computer application

They all basically aim towards providing the aspirants with the essential tools of culinary knowledge and skills.

Prerequisite Documents

At the time of admission we ask for certain very basic and common documents. Their purpose is to come out clean in the verification process and prove the aspirant’s authenticity. So they generally include the educational certificates and identity proof of the applicant.

What Does the Qualification Cover?

This course strives to cover all the areas which come under the umbrella of culinary arts. Which includes right from the theory regarding food safety, nutrition, menu planning and till the cooking methods and culinary techniques. Thus making individuals adept enough to apply their theoretical knowledge in real life work settings.

Further Opportunities

An attractive number of opportunities are available for you if you do a diploma in food culinary cooking in Amravati. One can take up many jobs in the hotel management and hospitality industry. As a formal education in this culinary field goes a long way in opening up attractive doors for one in this industry. Restaurants, resorts, catering companies and food management companies can hire you. Since, they need you for fulfilling the role of chefs, food stylists, catering managers and more such. Moreover, you can also become an entrepreneur if you open your own restaurant or food related company. Thus, this course introduces one to a very promising career pathway.

Training Modules

We aim to create excellent culinary professionals which is what we kept in mind while designing training modules for this course. G H Raisoni University offers proficient training modules under the diploma in food culinary cooking course. Therefore, people consider it the best culinary college in Amravati. And the training module is a union of classroom learning and industrial training.

How is the Course Assessed?

Assessment is one of the most crucial aspects of education. Without proper assessment of the student’s learnings, we cannot state the futility of them taking up the course. And thus cannot infer them to be eligible for working in the food industry or not. So just like most good universities we use a combination of evaluation methods for assessing the student’s theoretical and practical training.

Additional Benefits of Course

Also, it's a great choice for any individual who is a food enthusiast and aspires to get professional training in the art of food preparation. Because of the plethora of knowledge the individual obtains in the course, a variety of roles become available for them. They can become Chef consultants, nutritionists and food specialists.