Diploma in Event Management


There are a plethora of different types of events happening all around us. There are cultural and social events wherein the aim is to celebrate and rejoice. While corporate and political events usually have specific goals to accomplish. Also, the most common events are intimate personal events like weddings and birthday parties. Making them successful is what event managers are here for. Organizing an event is not a child’s play as a lot of dynamics come into play for conducting any event smoothly. It's a rather tedious job and can be a complete disaster if not done with proper planning and implementation. Therefore, hosts generally hire professionals for lessening their burden and achieving their interests effectively.

Professional planners go through proper training for being called event managers. There are many top hotel management colleges and Diploma in Event Management colleges in Amravati. Which are well known and offer various courses in this field. Also, event management courses are available at the graduation as well as the post-graduation levels. But the major advantage of doing a diploma course is its feasibility. You can become job-ready in the shortest duration possible. Also, diploma courses focus on a particular subject which the student chooses. This provides the students with ample opportunities and exposure in that very field. And pushes the student further into that subject, opening scope for research in that area

G H Raisoni University comes in the Amravati Top event management colleges list. Moreover, it is also the Top Hotel management University in Amravati, Maharashtra We have a highly qualified faculty, a competent curriculum, and adequate amenities for our students' growth. And a diploma in event management is one of the best courses that we offer.

About Course

Diploma in Event Management in Amravati is a diploma-level certificate 1-year course. It prepares an individual to become a professional event manager. And thus employ their skills to organize a variety of public and private events successfully. Conducting any event includes many domains like catering, marketing, logistics, fundraising, and many other responsibilities. This course inculcates all these skills in the aspirants. Moreover, this field has a lot of scopes since event management is presently one of the fastest-growing industries.

Course Objective

The objective of this Diploma in Event Management course is to create competent and adept event managers. That is to provide proper training for organizing events for aspiring managers. And for this very purpose top institutes use a combination of theoretical and practical models. Which makes them capable of not only planning events but also solving problems that may come up in the course. Thus, making their name in the industry and achieving prosperity.

Course Duration

The course duration of the Diploma in Event Management at G H Raisoni University, Amravati is 1 Year.


Almost anyone and everyone can do diploma courses at any stage of their life. So the eligibility criteria are quite fundamental and basic. Though it differs from college to college, most take students who have passed 10+2 boards from recognized boards. All top hotel management colleges have this condition.

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Subject Name

The following subjects are included in the Diploma in Event Management program to teach the students the various dynamics of event planning.

  • Personal Grooming & Communication Skills
  • Principal of Event Management
  • Event Planning & Marketing
  • Project

Prerequisite Documents

During the time of admission to G H Raisoni University Amravati, Maharashtra students have to submit a set of documents. So as to get their documents verified. And the set mainly includes board examination certificates, identity, PAN Card, Adhaar Card, Address proofs, and other regular documents.

What Does the Qualification Cover?

This Diploma in Event Management in Amravati course equips individuals with all necessary skills, knowledge, and qualities for conducting a variety of events successfully. They learn to combine different aspects of management with the constituents of marketing and coordination. Since they get chances to arrange different events like competitions, conferences, fundraisers, and festivals. Where they can polish their team management and planning skills. Thus the program makes them capable of planning and carrying out different public and corporate events.

Further Opportunities

Diploma in event management course students can find employment in a wide range of industries. The added perk is that they can work either in collaboration with someone or work as an independent planner. That is to say that one can join an event management company or form their own team or work as a consultant. Their task includes managing a variety of events ranging from charity events to sports and political activities. And their career title can be event manager, event planner, fashion event coordinator, wedding planner, and facilities manager. Thus, many job profiles are available for anyone who has done their course from the best college for hotel management in the state.

Training Modules

For any course, the training modules play a major role in determining the course’s effectiveness. But especially for a diploma in event management, a well-designed and specifically practice-oriented curriculum is crucial. Imparting theoretical knowledge through classroom teaching is essential. But more important is the opportunity to apply that practical knowledge in real life. The best training modules provide hands-on experience in genuine events. Just like the diploma course at G H Raisoni University. Thus people count it among the Amravati Top event management autonomous colleges.

How is the Course Assessed?

We can find out whether an individual has acquired the knowledge and skills taught to them or not only by assessment. So the university employs different evaluation techniques for this very purpose. These mainly include examinations to test the theoretical knowledge and practicals to check the practical skills that they have adopted. Moreover, they are also sent to real events for exposure in real-life settings.

Additional Benefits of Course

There is a major benefit of doing this Diploma in Event Management course from the hotel management best colleges in Amravati. Which are the connections that one can forge by taking advantage of the industrial tie-ups of the college. Thus the course provides one with a platform where one can pitch their very own future clients. Moreover, the planning and organizing skills one learns through this course can help them in different settings and places.