Bachelor Of Arts In Media
Why Study Bachelor of Media Arts at G.H.Raisoni University?

A dynamic and comprehensive programme, a Bachelor of Arts in Media provides students with the technical and creative abilities they need to succeed in the rapidly changing media industry. This degree promotes a comprehensive grasp of visual narrative, digital design, and multimedia production by fusing classic creative forms with cutting-edge technology.

Bachelor Of Arts In Culinary Arts colleges
Bachelor Of Arts In Culinary Arts colleges in Amravati

A three-year undergraduate program leading to a bachelor of arts in culinary arts teaches young, aspiring chefs the fundamentals of the culinary arts. This undergraduate program develops them into competent, experienced chefs who can work under supervision in a variety of prestigious organizations.

BA in Culinary Arts
What is the scope of a BA in Culinary Arts?

Do you love cooking and want to establish a career in the culinary industry? And a Bachelor’s in culinary arts is a getaway to enter the culinary industry.

Top Higher Education Programs
How do you choose the right college for top higher education programs?

In your educational journey, you chose school, and college plays an essential role. However, the college you opt for top-tier education programs is more critically important to your career.

Studying Law Degree
The Pros and Cons of studying Law and what you can do with a Law degree

Pursuing a law degree can be rewarding to some and not so much to others. Before choosing Law as your career, you must ask yourself, am I the right fit for this path? Will I manage the long and stressful hours my endeavouring career asks for? Answering questions like this might get overwhelming, but we all know this sector's wide range of career opportunities.

Study Tips For Exams
How to prepare for exams: Study tips to help you get started

Regarding academics, one thing that keeps challenging day by day is exams. No matter how hard we try, we cannot escape from the inevitable one. They come with their fair share of stress and anxiety and often leave feeling deprived.

Get A Good Job | GHRU Amravati
How to get a good job after college? Tips you can take advantage of!

Are you a college student worried about what to do after college? If Yes, you have landed in the right place! Grabbing the right opportunity or getting a Good Job could be challenging for various reasons.

Choosing Engineering as a Career
Tips for Choosing Engineering as a Career

We are living in a technology-driven world. You can only tell which route to follow in engineering if you are well-versed in all the specialisations. Choosing Engineering as a Career is a vast and diverse field, accumulated with various specialisations

Artificial Intelligence Courses After 12th
Artificial intelligence courses after 12th - Eligibility & Courses

Artificial intelligence has emerged as a transformative technology that completely changed the technological outlook. The best way to commence your AI career is by opting for artificial intelligence courses after the 12th.

Project Ideas For Computer Science
Best Project Ideas for Computer Science Students: A Complete Overview of Computer Science Courses

Are you looking for the best project ideas for Computer Science in 2024? GH Raisoni University, Amaravati, offers aspiring students the most sought-after projects of 2024.

M.Tech In Construction Engineering And Management
M.Tech In Construction Engineering And Management in Amravati

In the ever-evolving landscape of construction and management, the best practices in innovation and effective management have become essential.In Amravati, M.Tech in construction engineering and management has found its roots in all the city's top institutions.

Applications of AI and Machine Learning
Real-Life Applications of AI and Machine Learning Explored by B.Tech. CSE Specialization Students at GHRU Amravati University

Today’s technological-driven world asks for instant development and modifications. In this hassle, AI and machine learning applications play a prominent role.

LLM course duration
LLM Course Duration in India: A Comprehensive Overview

The field of LLM has multiple dimensions to witness. This field is both intricated and multifaceted, demanding a deep knowledge of legal principles. The Master of Law program (LLM) in India not only delves law aspirants into deeper studies but also acquires expertise in specific areas of law. Regarding LLM Course duration In India, there are a few options to explore. Some may opt for the one-year LLM program, while some like to dig deeper. However, to finalise your choice, you need to comprehend the course details associated with LLM.

Department of Artificial Intelligence
Department of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The digital age craves innovation, which comes from improvisation. That is why the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning of G. H Raisoni (GHRU) Amravati has taken innovation and improvisation into its care.

Computer Science & Engineering
An Introduction to B.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering Specialization in AI and Machine Learning at GHRU Amravati University

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have emerged as disruptive technologies with broad applications across numerous industries, and the area of computer science and engineering (CSE) is constantly growing.

Hair Styling Course
A Complete Guide For Hair Styling Courses

The practice of hair styling has developed over time, becoming popular not just as a form of self-expression but also as a job for many. Hairdressers are very important in improving someone's look, self-esteem, and confidence.

B.Sc.Information Technology Colleges
B.Sc Information Technology Colleges In Amravati

Amravati, a thriving city in Maharashtra, India, is well known for its educational institutions that provide top-notch instruction in a range of subject areas. Amravati offers a number of B.Sc. Information Technology Colleges are alternatives for students interested in a career in information technology (IT).

BCA Hons
Tips for a Successful Career Path after BCA Hons at GHRU University

GHRU University's Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) Hons program completion is a key turning point in your academic career.

AI and Machine Learning
The Student Life Experience at GHRU Amravati University: AI and Machine Learning Specialization Edition

Today, from prominent businesses to individuals, everything and everyone can see changes because of AI. Modern society has reached a point where AI is an indispensable part of us. Many companies are welcoming computer science engineers specializing in AI and Machine Learning.

Seminar Topics for CSE
Top 10 Seminar Topics for CSE Students

The Computer Science and Engineering course is a vibrant and progressive field that empowers students with the understanding and abilities to confront contemporary technological obstacles. It encompasses various subjects, including coding, algorithms, information organization, software creation, network systems, and simulated intelligence.

B.Tech ECE
Future of B.Tech in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

B Tech in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering is an excellent career option with promising future prospects. With electronics and communication integral to our daily lives and digital technology, B.Tech ECE offers diverse opportunities across various industries.

prepare for CLAT
Which Is The Top Pharmacy College In Amravati Maharashtra?

When it comes to pursuing a career in the field of pharmacy, choosing the right college is of utmost importance, no doubt of that! Amravati, Maharashtra, is home to several esteemed educational institutions, and among them, when it comes to the top pharmacy colleges in Amravti then how can we forget about ~ “Ghru Amravati College” ~ stands out as a leading institution for pharmacy education?

prepare for CLAT
Choosing The Right Pharmacy College Near Me: Factors to Consider

When it comes to selecting the right pharmacy college, different factors come to mind considering the academic and professional journey that we are going to have further. But there are certain specific things that you must cross-check and research in-depth before selecting the right pharmacy college for yourself, near you too! We will cover the same key factors that will help and lead you to choose the right Pharmacy Colleges Near Me and up to your expectation. Keep reading to know more about the same.

prepare for CLAT
Diploma in fire service engineering

Consider pursuing a diploma in fire service engineering. You're in the right place! Fire service engineering is crucial in protecting lives and property in today's world, where safety is paramount. The Diploma in Fire Service Engineering is a specialized program designed to equip individuals like you with the knowledge and skills needed to assess fire risks, design effective fire safety measures, and respond swiftly to fire emergencies.

prepare for CLAT
Diploma in bartending know all details about the course

A diploma in bartending is an excellent program for anyone who wants to learn the craft of mixology and work in the hospitality sector. A wide range of topics, such as mixology methods, cocktail preparation, spirit knowledge, customer service, bar management, and responsible alcohol delivery, are often covered in the diploma curriculum. The capacity to interact professionally with clients is developed together with the ability to make a range of beverages and comprehend flavor characteristics.

prepare for CLAT
Reasons to Pursue a Diploma in Bakery and Confectionery

No doubt, it is a world and time both where we all can exercise what we love and what we want to do! BAKING and CONFECTIONERY are two major fields which are now being chosen by the major young population who loves cooking and baking. If you’re among the same then obtaining a diploma in bakery and confectionery can be a step towards realising your dreams if you have a passion for baking and want to put your culinary abilities into a lucrative job. Extensive education and specialised expertise provided by a diploma programme in this area can lead to intriguing job opportunities in the baking sector.

prepare for CLAT
Diploma in Fire Services Engineering: A Pathway after 10th and Course Overview

In today's world, ensuring public safety and effective fire hazard management is paramount. Suppose you are interested in making a difference in this field. In that case, a Diploma in Fire Services Engineering can provide you with a solid foundation and open doors to numerous opportunities.

prepare for CLAT
Campus Life at Pharmacy Colleges in Amravati: A Student's Perspective

Every student's journey through college is remarkable because it is a time of personal development, new friendships, experiences, and whatnot! Amravati, Maharashtra, is home to a number of famous pharmacy schools with active on-campus life. Here in this article, we will examine campus life at Pharmacy Colleges In Amravati from the viewpoint of a student, illuminating the rewarding opportunities and experiences that await aspiring pharmacists.

prepare for CLAT
Bartender diploma course in India

The Bartender Diploma Course is a rigorous curriculum that provides prospective bartenders with the information and abilities they need to succeed in the mixology industry. Everything from fundamental bartending methods to complex cocktail mixing and customer service is covered in this extensive course. Students may practise their skills and acquire practical experience by participating in hands-on training in a mock bar setting. The Bartender Diploma Course at G H Raisoni University, Amravati, provides a strong foundation for anybody wishing to start a lucrative career in the exciting and dynamic area of bartending with qualified teachers and a focus on both theoretical and practical practice.

prepare for CLAT
1-year diploma-level program in bakery and confectionery

The diploma program in bakery and confectionery aims to impart to students the core concepts of the industry's operation. This course will be a valuable approach for candidates to develop their skills if they wish to work in the bakery and confectionery business. By using their varied skill sets in real-world situations, students improve their comprehension of the topic and get more insight into the art of bakery and confectionery.

Bakery And Confectionery Diploma
Discovering the Top College for Bakery and Confectionery Diploma in Amravati

Amravati, a city in the Indian state of Maharashtra, is renowned for its thriving food industry and extensive culinary history. It is essential to pick an institution that offers a high-quality education and hands-on experience if you want to pursue a diploma in bakery and confectionery. The best college in Amravati for a bakery and confectionery diploma will be discussed in this article, along with its unique qualities and reasons for standing out from the competition.

prepare for CLAT
How to prepare for CLAT 2024 – Strategy Plan to Crack the Exam

MAH MBA CET is a Common Entrance Test organized by the Maharashtra State CET cell yearly. The MAH MBA CET (MAH MBA CET syllabus) is a getaway to 300+ business schools in Maharashtra.

MAH MBA CET syllabus: Exam Dates, Registration
MAH MBA CET: Exam Dates, Registration (Started); Check MAH MBA CET syllabus, Pattern, Eligibility

MAH MBA CET is a Common Entrance Test organized by the Maharashtra State CET cell yearly. The MAH MBA CET (MAH MBA CET syllabus) is a getaway to 300+ business schools in Maharashtra.

MAH CET MBA Eligibility
Time Management Tips for MAH-MBA/MMS-CET and MAH CET MBA Eligibility Criteria: Key Points

Candidates seeking entrance into MBA/MMS programs at premier management colleges in Maharashtra must take the MAH MBA/MMS-CET exam, commonly known as the MAH CET test, which is conducted by the State Common Entrance Test Cell. There are 200 multiple-choice questions on the MAH CET, each worth one point

MBA CET Preparation: Essential Do's and Don't
Essential Do’s and Don'ts for MAH MBA CET Preparation

MAH MBA CET 2024 examination is nearing and will be held on the 18th and 19th of March this year. And if you are going to take the exam, you must have good preparation.

How To Prepare For CAT 2024 – Strategy Plan To Crack The Exam

Everyone is familiar with the Common Admission Test (CAT), as it is one of the most renowned entrance tests for MBA aspirants. CAT is the door to the best business schools in India, and it is a little challenging to crack compared to other MBA entrance exams.

MAT Exam 2024 (Management Aptitude Test) -Exam pattern, Preparation Tips, Application Form

The MAT exam is one of the most efficient national-level entrance exams for admission to various top management institutes. Unlike CAT, MAT is conducted four times annually; Feb, May, Sept, and Dec. This gives MBA candidates a higher chance to get admission to their favorite institute.

NMAT Exam 2024: Form, Exam Date, Pattern, Eligibility, Syllabus

With the 2024 summer approaching, it is time to prepare for NMAT exam 2024. Even with a tentative schedule, it is the right time for the NMAT aspirants to buckle up and start preparing for the same.

GGSIPU Result, Exam, Notification, Exam Dates, Exam Pattern

The Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU) conducts various undergraduate and postgraduate level entrance exams for admission into various courses offered by the university and its affiliated colleges.

ATMA Exam Strategy 2024 | How to Crack ATMA 2024

ATMA Exam January 2024 session is scheduled for 13th January 2024 in virtual mode. This is the initial session for the 2024 academic year. January session registration opens on 25 November 2024. Undergraduate applicants can apply before 2nd January 2024. Visit and pay Rs.1298 as an application fee.

DU LLB 2024
How to Prepare for DU LLB 2024 - Exam Dates, Eligibility, Registration Process

New Delhi, India is home to one of the nation's most respected institutions, Delhi University (DU). It is one of India's oldest universities and is known for its high-quality education and research. DU offers undergraduate and graduate programs in various disciplines, including arts, sciences, commerce, law, management, and technology.

WBJEE Exam Date 2024
WBJEE Exam Date 2024

The West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination is known as WBJEE. The WBJEE Board organizes the entrance examination at the state level. The exam is held to grant admission to UG programs in architecture, engineering and technology, and pharmacy. Several Government Universities, Colleges, and self-financed organisations grant admission to different UG courses according to WBJEE 2024 marks.

MAH MCA CET Entrance Exam
MAH MCA CET Entrance Exam: Syllabus, Admit Card

MAH MCA CET, a Maharashtra MCA Common Entrance Test, is an entrance exam conducted by Maharashtra State CET Cell for admission to MCA courses in any government and private college Maharashtra. MAH MCA CET entrance exam is a national-level entrance exam held every year; likewise, in 2024, this exam will be held. In 2024, this exam will be conducted on 25th March and 26th March 2024.

Law Faculty Admission Test
Law Faculty Admission Test (LFAT) 2024 Application Form, Dates, Eligibility, Pattern, Admit Card & Results

LFAT is the acronym for Law Faculty Admission Test, which Allahabad University conducts every year. The course lasts five years, and the students must clear the law faculty admission test to proceed with the admission process.

MHT CET-2024 Exam: Dates, Eligibility, Paper Pattern

The Maharashtra Common Entrance Test (MHT CET) is a statewide test given by the state government to students who want to get into professional degree programs in engineering, pharmacy, and technology at public and private colleges and universities Maharashtra. The MHT CET exam date 2024 has been posted on the official MHT CET website.

Prepare for CUET
How to Prepare for CUET 2024 – Preparation Strategy

Even though the difficulty level of CUET is moderate, it does require thorough preparation. Unless students cover the whole syllabus, along with several practise tests, Prepare for CUET there is no way to beat other aspirants.

MHT CET Preparation Guide
MHT CET 2024 Preparation Guide: Check Strategy, Tips & Syllabus

The MHT CET is one of India's most difficult and extensive tests for getting into the best universities. You'll need to use expert-approved MHT CET Preparation Guide strategies to do well on your exam. You can use these techniques to do better on any test, not just the MHT CET.

JMI BA LLB 2024: Jamia Millia Islamia Law Entrance Test

Jamia Millia Islamia will conduct their law entrance test for the BA LLB students in June 2024. The entrance test’s eligibility criteria are straightforward and require the students to go through the general application process. As the date of the online application process approaches, it is essential for the law pursuing students to know the basics of the JMI BA LLB entrance test. This article covers all you need to know about the JMI law test, including the eligibility criteria, exam date & counselling and preparation tips.

MHT CET Syllabus
MHT CET 2024 Preparation Guide: Check Strategy, Tips & Syllabus

The MHT CET is one of India's most difficult and extensive tests for getting into the best universities. You'll need to use expert-approved MHT CET Preparation Guide strategies to do well on your exam. You can use these techniques to do better on any test, not just the MHT CET.

ILICAT 2024: Application Form, Exam Dates, Eligibility, Pattern, Syllabus

ILICAT stands for Indian Law Institute Common Admission Test, an admission test for the candidates enrolling for LLM (One year course to complete a Master of Law.) The application process will initiate in March-April, and the students may expect to hear their results in June 2024.

MCA CET Entrance Exam 2024: Application Form, Eligibility

Applications for the MAH MCA CET 2024 are now being accepted through February 27, 2024. Test dates have been made public. The syllabus and exam schedule has been made available. It is the state-level entry examination. The Maharashtra Department of Technical Education is in charge of controlling it. It provides admission to a full-time, first- or second-year (Lateral Entry) PG degree program in computer technology (MCA). Candidates who pass this test can enroll in several public and private colleges in Maharashtra. Candidates must complete the Mca Cet Exam Form to be admitted to the classes. The entrance test will be given online (Computer Based Test).

All India Law Entrance Test
All India Law Entrance Test (AILET) 2024 – Strategy Plan to Crack the Exam

The National Law University, Delhi, is the only law school in India where students must appear in All India Law Entrance Test (AILET) 2024 to get admitted. Unlike many law schools allowing different entrance tests, NLU keeps its demand straight to the core.

TS EAMCET 2024: Some Tips and Tricks for 2024

The Telangana State Engineering, Agriculture, Medical, and Dental Council Admission Test (TS EAMCET) is a very difficult entrance exam. In India's Telangana State, more than 2 million students are expected to take the entrance exam for engineering and agriculture programs in 2024.

 OJEE Counselling 2024
Odisha Joint Entrance Examination Counselling 2024

The application process for the 2024 OJEE is likely to start in the middle of March. People should be able to send in their applications for two months. The Odisha Joint Entrance Exam (OJEE) is a state-wide test used to get into graduate and post-graduate programs in the state. It is run by the OJEE Cell. Odisha has both public and private management schools, and they are now taking applications for the fall. The Online Joint Entrance Exam (OJEE) is given through a computer every year (CBT). There used to be only a paper-and-pencil version of the test (PBT).

NPAT Application Form
INMIMS NPAT Entrance Exam 2024: Application Form

NMIMS NPAT Entrance Exam 2024 - NPAT is a joint entrance test organized by NMIMS Mumbai for admittance to various NMIMS establishments. The NPAT exam is conducted for various scholar programs like B.Sc, BBA, etc. The NMIMS NPAT 2024 application form was published and the registration deadline is 05 June 2024. NMIMS organizes various UG-level exams such as CET, NPAT, and LAT for various subjects, but in this post, we will only discuss NPAT.

IBSAT Exam Preparation Tips 2024: Know Complete Strategy & Guide

IBSAT 2024 preparation tips for studying for the IBSAT 2024 exam focus on the following points to help you complete your IBSAT 2024 exam preparation:

IIFT Exam Preparation 2024: Know Tips and Strategy Exam Pattern | IIFT 2024

The IIFT Exam Pattern includes three components: the Creative Ability Test (CAT), the General Ability Test (GAT), and the Situational Test (ST). Applicants applying for the Bachelor of Design (B.Des) program will need to take both the CAT and GAT exams, which will be held in an offline format. Applicants who pass these exams will then be eligible to take the ST exam. On the other hand, those applying for the Bachelor of Technology program will only need to take the GAT exam.

MICAT Exam Preparation Tips 2024: Know Complete Strategy & Guide

The MICAT exam, also known as the Mudra Institute of Communication Ahmedabad exam, is an entrance exam for post-graduate courses such as Strategic Marketing and Communications, Crafting Creative Communication, and more. The Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad (MICA) is a highly-regarded college, known for its experienced professors and strong reputation in the media industry. Candidates who have a good preparation strategy and are also preparing for other MBA entrance exams may find this exam relatively easy to pass. To prepare for the MICAT 2022-23, it's important to focus on mastering specific sections.

WBUT PGET 2024 | Exam dates, Eligibility, Exam patterns, and more

In a short time, MAKAUT will officially announce the WBUT PGET 2024. The WBUT PGET brochure 2024 explains how interested students can apply to graduate-level engineering and technology programs in any participating state of West Bengal.

Entrance exams for Pharmacy students
What are some entrance exams for Pharmacy students?

These days, students all around the country are flocking to universities to enroll in pharmacy programs. Some colleges and organizations provide Pharmacy Entrance Examinations for their Doctor of Pharmacy, Master of Pharmacy, Bachelor of Pharmacy, and other Pharmacy-related programs. As the profession develops, more and more advanced degrees, including doctorates, become available to qualified individuals.

Pharmacy entrance exam
What are the good Pharmacy entrance exams I should take?

The Pharmacy Council of India oversees the pharmacy profession in India. To guarantee that graduates are competent pharmacists, the Council reviews and approves pharmacy entrance exams. The admissions process at any of India's leading pharmacy schools, including Accurate College of Pharmacy, is rigorous. There are a plethora of pharmacy school admission examinations from which to choose.

MDUCEE 2024 exam
What is the importance of Pharmacy exam?

There is more than one good reason to study hard for your pharmacy exams. Taking one of these exams, like MDUCEE 2024, can help you feel more confident in practicing pharmacy safely and competently. New drugs, treatments, and technologies are constantly developing, and pharmacists need to clear exams to guarantee patient safety.

Pharmacy entrance exam
Which are some best Pharmacy entrance exams in India?

Anyone hoping to enter the pharmacy profession at the university, national, or state level should familiarize themselves with the available admission exams. Each year, prospective pharmacy students take pharmacy entrance exams at several national and state universities.

Entrance exams for Pharmacy after 12th
What are the entrance exams for Pharmacy after 12th?

After graduating from high school, hopefuls might explore numerous options. Studying Pharmacy, for example, is very common because of the wide range of prospects it provides graduates. As a field of study, pharmacy refers to the study of pharmaceuticals' production, distribution, consumption, and aftereffects. It's the meeting point of science, technology, and medicine.

West Bengal JEE 2024
West Bengal JEE 2024: Dates, Eligibility, Application, Exam Pattern & Syllabus

West Bengal JEE is a prestigious entrance exam for students willing to take admission in undergraduate courses in engineering, architecture, pharmacy, etc. Every year thousands of students appear in the West Bengal Join Entrance Exam to get a chance to enrol in their dream course.

KEAM Mock Test 2024
KEAM Mock Test 2024 for Better Exam Preparation

KEAM, or Kerala Engineering Agricultural Medical Entrance Examination, is one of the most popular exams students from a Science background in Kerala do not want to miss. It is a crucial test that helps the aspirants opt for their desired degree in their favourite college.

How to crack KEAM 2024
How to crack KEAM 2024? - Check Preparation Tips & Tricks

KEAM is a state-level entrance test for undergrad engineering programs offered by 177 engineering academic institutions throughout the state, including 25 self-financing colleges, 133 private colleges, three aided colleges, nine government colleges, and seven departmental colleges under the multiple State Universities.

COMEDK UGET Entrance Exam 2024
COMEDK UGET Entrance Exam- Application Form, Hall Ticket, Mock test

The application for the COMEDK Entrance Exam 2024 will soon be there on It is recommended that prospective applicants review the COMEDK application requirements before beginning the application process. There will shortly be an announcement on the date of the 2024 COMEDK examination.

BITSAT Exam Date 2024
BITSAT 2024: Exam Date and Time

BITS, or Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, is one of the emerging educational institutions in India that offers student courses in technology and engineering programs. So, candidates who have passed their 12th examination can opt for the BITSAT examination.

KLEU AIET 2024 entrance exam
6 Tips to prepare for KLEU AIET 2024 entrance exam

Most people find it scary to think about taking a KLEU AIET 2024 entrance exam for a pharmacy program, just like any other kind of entrance exam. Exams that hard often make people cry and feel very sad. We hope the information here will help you do well on the tests you must take to get into pharmacy school.

IUET Entrance exam
How to prepare for the IUET Entrance exam

Integral University is one of the best schools in Lucknow, offering a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs. Integral University chooses students for its different degree programs by having them take the IUET entrance exam. IUET stands for the Integral University Entrance Test, held every year in the spring at Lucknow's Integral University. The Integral University Entrance Test is a statewide test used to decide who gets in (IUET).

SAAT entrance exam
Know what is SAAT and all about the SAAT entrance exam?

The university's admissions office, called Siksha 'O' Anusandhan, makes plans for the SAAT entrance exam 2024. Assumed to be a university. This online test is needed to enter undergraduate and graduate programs in engineering, pharmacy, nursing, agriculture, law, management, and hotel administration. Students from all over the country take the SAAT, a test for getting into schools. The NEET scorecard will be used to decide who gets into dental and medical school, while the JEE Main and SAAT scores will be used to decide who gets into engineering school. The test took two hours to finish (or 120 minutes).

MET Entrance exam
MET Entrance exam for Pharmacy

The Manipal MET entrance exam dates are now available to the public. Applications for various undergraduate and graduate programs will be accessible beginning October 5, 2022. Each class has its application deadline and admissions process, which might involve many rounds. The MET (Manipal Entrance Test) is a standardized test developed and delivered only for applicants to Manipal University. The Manipal MET is an admission test administered by Manipal University for undergraduate and graduate students.

CUET entrance exam
Preparations techniques to succeed in the CUET entrance exam

As 2024 approaches, students taking the Common University Entrance Test (CUET) UG will need to begin studying for the exam as soon as possible. This post provides helpful advice for students preparing for the CUET in 2024. While preparing for the CUET 2024, students should review the test structure and subject-by-subject syllabi. To enroll students in undergraduate programs at CUET member universities in 2024, the National Test Agency administers the CUET (formerly known as the CUCET) yearly.

AIMEE Entrance Exam
What All Should I Know Before Applying to the AU AIMEE Entrance Exam for Pharmacy?

AU AIMEE or Annamalai University All India Medical Entrance Exam is held annually at the University of Annamalai. Every year, the AIMEE entrance exam is conducted for admission to programs like B. Pharma, M. Pharma, and D. Pharma programs. To choose the students for several programs, including AU AIMEE Pharmacy 2024, entrance exams will also be held this year.

PU CET exam preparation
What is right time to start PU CET exam preparation?

Students who successfully applied online for the PU CET (Panjab University Common Entrance Exam) have plenty of time to start preparing. Once you apply, it is time to start preparing for the exam. Making the most of your time is essential if you want to pass with flying colors and enroll in the prestigious university's applied program.

IPU CET entrance exam without coaching
How to crack the IPU CET entrance exam without coaching?

The IPU CET, or Indraprastha University Common Entrance Test, is an online exam administered by Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU) for admission to undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Engineering, Dental, Medicine, Law, and Management.

WBJEE exam preparation tips
Strategy for best preparation in WBJEE exam tips 2024

The West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination (WBJEE) is approaching fast, taking place on 30 April 2024. To ensure success on the exam, it's important to step up your preparation. Here are some tips to help you ace the WBJEE exam:

Complete study to plan and preparation tips to crack NMIMS entrance exam 2024

The NPAT 2024 exam will be conducted by SVKM's NMIMS in a 147-day testing window from January 4 to May 31. In one academic session, candidates may take the NMIMS entrance exam up to three times.

Preparation for the entrance exam in BITS Pilani

The BITSAT 2021 exam will consist of 150 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) to be completed within a time frame of 3 hours, which means that students will have only 1.2 minutes to answer each question.

GPAT NTA exam preparation
How to crack GPAT? Preparation for GPAT 2024 Tips

GPAT, a national-level entrance exam, has become increasingly competitive in recent years. With the growing scope of the pharmacy field, students must put in more effort to prepare for the exam.

IBSAT exam Preparation Tips 2024: Know Complete Strategy & Guide
How to crack GPAT? Preparation for GPAT 2024 Tips

IBSAT 2024 preparation tips for studying for the IBSAT exam focus on the following points to help you complete your IBSAT 2024 exam preparation:

The 5 Best-Paying Careers with a BSC IT Course
The 5 Best-Paying Careers with a BSC IT Course

The global job market is highly competitive and challenging, especially for fresh graduates. Competition to secure a job in your chosen industry is fierce, as there are simply not enough positions to meet the demand of new graduates. This is why it’s absolutely crucial to focus on developing a robust resume and CV, while also focusing on finding an applicable and suitable position that aligns with your interests and career goals.

Bakery and Confectionery
Complete Guide of Diploma in Bakery and Confectionery

A Bakery is a store or an outlet that makes you available food items that are made with flour and then cooked in oven-like bread, buns, doughnuts, pastries, pies, cookies, muffins, and many more. The Bakery has a wide variety of food items; both savory and sweet products are available in the bakery.

Skin & Hair Treatment
Why Diploma in Hairstyling, Skin Treatment is The Best Career-Oriented Course In 2022-23?

People are now crazier about their looks, hair, and they are willing to pay to get the best of it. This Hairstyling course in Amravati bring you lots of opportunities and earning options that you can get of your skill.

Event Management
A Career in Event Management. Is 1 Year Diploma good?

Event management is nothing but the management of the Events with certain processes involved like planning, coordinating, and promoting, for example, conferences, marriages, concerts, small to big parties, political rallies, exhibitions, etc. This field is considered to be the most creative field that always demands new ideas and innovation.

BSC in Hospitality
Benefits of B.Sc in Hospitality Studies why choose GHRU

The course of B.Sc in Hospitality Studies from top Hospitality studies colleges in Amravati gives an individual a detailed study of the hotel and hospitality industry along with the travel and tourism sector. Hospitality studies are one of the courses that are in high demand all over India. A degree in hospitality management will help to step into the many opportunities in the industry.

Explore a career in Culinary arts
Explore a career in Culinary arts from the Best Hotel Management College in Amravati

If you are still confused about which area of culinary art you want to specialize in then you must enrol yourself for the bachelor in culinary arts and get a better understanding of your choice of program

 Hotel Management
A career in Hotel Management and selecting top hotel management University in Maharashtra

One of the most emerging fields with tremendous growth in today’s time is hospitality, hotel management, travel and tourism. Maharashtra is one of the states in India that is a popular travel destination and hence this field is more encouraged by industrialists.

 Yoga and Naturopathy
Benefits of pursuing Yoga and Naturopathy Course from Autonomous Institute

As the lifestyle has changed, we believe in taking shortcuts less of physical work, unhealthy junk food eating that is without nutrition, that is directly or indirectly responsible for the diseases, we as human beings are bearing.

Pharmacy College in Amravati
Pharmacy College in Amravati, How to choose?

The medical field is fascinating. Even if you don’t become a Doctor, there are other professions related to the medical field which you can join. Pharmacy is such a profession. India has numerous pharma schools which offer world-class pharmacy education you can rely upon.

M.Tech College in Amravati
M.Tech College in Amravati How to choose?

Doing M.Tech after completion of engineering is an added advantage. It makes your position strong for academic or better jobs in your respective field. It has evolved with time with the insertion of modern subjects which could give a new projectile to your future

B.Sc Forensic Science
B.Sc Forensic Science

With the rapid growth in crime, criminals in India have become smarter than cops and judges. Also, the crimes are affecting the common man in the society. Thus, there is a huge gap for efficient forensic experts compared to the growth in crime rate. To solve criminal cases the court needs the help of forensic scientists.

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