Benefits of B.Sc in Hospitality Studies Why Choose GHRU

What is Event Management?

The course of B.Sc in Hospitality Studies from top Hospitality studies colleges in Amravati gives an individual a detailed study of the hotel and hospitality industry along with the travel and tourism sector. Hospitality studies are one of the courses that are in high demand all over India. A degree in hospitality management will help to step into the many opportunities in the industry.

Hospitality management is a competitive industry and plays a vital role in the world economy. Also, the tourism and travel industry contributes a big share in the economy of the world.

B.Sc in Hospitality Studies is an undergraduate course of 3 years which is divided into six different semesters. One can enrol on this course after completing his or her 12th grades in any of the streams. Also, a candidate who has completed his 10th and a diploma in any of the streams can be eligible for a B.Sc in Hospitality from any of them Hospitality studies colleges in Amravati.

Let us dive into some of the benefits that you can get from a degree of B.Sc in Hospitality Studies.

Benefits of B.Sc in Hospitality Studies

Wide range of Career Advancement

The hospitality industry is one of the major sectors of advancements in today’s date. It covers a wide share of the world economy and employs many individuals. A graduate from top Hospitality studies colleges in Maharashtra gets to work in big restaurants and hotel chains. You can get a job from an executive to a manager level.

One can choose to study specialization in hospitality and get a masters degree after completing bachelors. There are options in that too like M.Sc in hospitality studies, M.Tech in hospitality, MBA in sales, etc.

Easy Entry Level Job Opportunities

This field comes under the Hospitality field which requires outstanding Personality and impressive communication skills. Talking about the Scope, this field has huge scope and career opportunities, Students can learn from top event management colleges in Amravati Maharashtraas the Event management companies are in demand, from the political rally to the small engagement party. The scope is never-ending and if you are good at planning something at a minimal cost.

Syllabus of Event Management

Once you complete your studies at a Top Hospitality studies college in Amravati you will get ample opportunities in jobs. There are many jobs that encourage freshers and graduates of Hospitality management. The hospitality industry is one such that does not demand experienced professionals but

give chances to new people who have completed graduation. Just after completing your B.Sc in Hospitality Studies, you will find many jobs in hotels, restaurants, resorts and event companies.

Let us check some of the job roles that can be a better choice for you. Below are a few job profiles for B.Sc in Hospitality Studies graduates.

  • Chef
  • Hotel Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Housekeeping head
  • Front desk executive

Great Opportunities to travel

Travelling is one of the most exciting parts of a career in Hospitality studies. You get a chance to travel the world while you work. If you are in a hotel or event management industry you can explore different destinations across India and abroad.

Energetic Working Environment

You will enjoy the work that you are doing in the hospitality services. The satisfaction that you get in the work and the fun of serving people is great. When you work in the hospitality industry you need to be very energetic and full of enthusiasm. You need to be presentable and active as you can get many opportunities to interact with people and explore different verticals.

Why choose G H Raisoni University?

The school of Hospitality studies G H Raisoni University, Amravati is one of the leading colleges in Maharashtra. The college will provide you with a well-equipped learning environment along with a great infrastructure

You will get both theoretical and practical education on the subject from the well-trained faculty members at G H Raisoni University.

GHRU has a separate training and placement cell that gives the students many opportunities for jobs from the campus. They make you ready for the interviews and conduct various workshops in the college to give an understanding of the hotel industry. Once you complete your studies from top Hospitality studies colleges in Amravati you become completely trained for the hospitality industry.

Hope that will help you select the right career, course and college for your hospitality studies.

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