Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Studies


Good hospitality is undoubtedly equivalent to the growth rate of any industry. Especially the recreation and tourism industries. After all, hospitality aims at deriving maximum customer satisfaction and that’s what all businesses work for. Moreover hospitality and management is one of the fastest growing sectors in India. The plethora of job opportunities which this industry provides is second to none. Therefore, doing a BSc in Hospitality Studies will open many doors for any individual. And if they do it from the best college in Amravati your growth trajectory will be impeccable.

The BSc in Hospitality Studies is a discipline of the hospitality sector. Which the experts design after considering the dynamic nature of the hospitality industry. Thus an attempt should be made to keep up with new trends in food, service, and decor. Also they should review and revise the syllabus periodically. G H Raisoni being one of the best colleges in Amravati takes care of this. We have designed the course keeping in mind the basic minimum requirement of this Industry in terms of enhancing the student knowledge and skill sets.

About Course

The BSc in Hospitality Studies is an undergraduate degree course. It is made of an intensive six-semester curriculum that equips the student with the knowledge and skills essential in the hospitality and management industry. The course is designed, keeping in mind the requirements in today's industry. Moreover, it includes topics like Environmental Sciences, Tourism Operations, and Hotel & Restaurant Laws, Hotel Management, etc. students need to fulfill a condition for getting the degree. That is they need to complete a certain number of credits which the college has prescribed.

Course Objective

All top colleges for Hotel management in Maharashtra have this course including GHRU. And our aim is to create proficient hospitality professionals. Instill in the students the required skills and knowledge to understand how different organisations work and are managed. Considering the range of jobs available in the hospitality sector, accordingly the course develops in the students various skills . Furthermore,we provide enough exposure to them in different sectors such as food, entertainment, hotels, etc. so that they can choose where they want to work. Thus, a combination of theoretical and practical training is given to achieve the objective of making them adept professionals.

Course Duration

All graduation courses are mostly of 3 years or 4 years duration. Similarly, Bsc in Hospitality studies program is a full-time 3 years program. It consists of six semesters each of 6 months. This is true in all BSc Hospitality colleges in Amravati. Including the renowned G H Raisoni University.


Candidates who have passed standard XII / 10 + 2 examinations (any stream) from any recognized education board or its equivalent are eligible for admission. Otherwise, Candidates who have passed Std 10+2 and completed a diploma in any stream of a minimum of two years duration from any recognized education board/university from India or abroad can also get admission.

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Subject Name

The subjects included in the course may vary from institute to institute. But some of the core subjects are financing, human resource management, marketing, administration and public relations. The leading BSc In Hospitality Studies colleges in Amravati include the following subjects in their curriculum. Just like G H Raisoni University Amravati which is popular for its hospitality and management courses.

A lot of food and nutrition based subjects are important like food production, food safety and quality. And some subjects for instilling entrepreneuring are part of the course like hotel engineering, strategic management and communication.Other main subjects are:

  • Front office management
  • Computer fundamentals
  • French
  • Food & Beverage
  • Financial management

Prerequisite Documents

G H Raisoni University takes in students directly on the basis of their 12th result. So, one need not submit many documents at the time of admission. Basically students just have to submit their qualification certificates and identity proofs for verification purposes. This is the same for most universities.

What Does the Qualification Cover?

Being a graduation course and that to a bachelors in science, it covers many areas of education. We provide a number of facilities and opportunities to the students for making them understand the various domains of the hospitality industry. And through theory lectures and practical exposure students are made eligible to work in the hospitality sector. Moreover, the placement cells connect students with jobs to them as per their interest and capability.

Further Opportunities

After getting a BSc Hospitality degree, one can go for higher education or directly explore the jobs available in the industry. Students can take admission in various MBA courses like MBA in Revenue Management and MBA in Human Resource or Sales Marketing. They can also do M.Tech or MSc in Hospitality Studies from renowned colleges. Or they can even start their businesses. On the other hand, the career options available to them depend on their specializations. And they include profiles like hotel manager, housekeeping executive, chef, event manager, front office executive and sales & marketing manager.

Training Modules

The training modules are an essential aspect of an education program. More importantly it is an important criteria you need to consider while selecting a course and college. G H Raisoni is among the best colleges in Amravati, Maharashtra. We use a module which gives adequate emphasis to inculcating theoretical as well as practical knowledge in the students. The BSC in Hospitality Studies program consists of S semesters spread over a period of 3 years. Gradually as the semester progresses the course becomes more advanced. And most importantly the whole of the fourth semester is solely dedicated to industrial training. Thus students can work and develop their practical as well as theoretical skills efficiently.

How is the Course Assessed?

The assessment is a very crucial aspect in the process of education. As it tells how much one has gained through the teaching sessions. It also helps companies when they recruit students for jobs by giving an idea about their aptitude. Therefore, we use different theoretical and practical examinations for this purpose.

Additional Benefits of Course

Bsc in Hospitality studies opens many doors for the individuals. We can count it as a basic degree on which one can do many specializations in fields like culinary arts and event management. Thus work and grow further in their choice of area. It builds up their soft skills (communication skills,management skills) which are beneficial for undertaking self-employment in the service industry. Moreover, the students become competent and won’t hesitate to accept challenges in difficult global market conditions.