In a bid to inculcate finest intellectual and elites the G H Raisoni University which is situated in Central India’s Amravati district is a piece of land engrossed with greenery and accommodates all types of modern day facilities which includes fully Wi-Fi enabled Campus, Digital Libraries, Incubation Center, Students Clubs, Indoor and Outdoor Gym and many other facilities. So, here is a sneak peek into the facilities which make sure that our students are on the receiving end of the finest education, theoretical as well as practical with the amenities we provide.

Green Campus

It is extremely important for the student mind to be in close contact with nature for better health, peace and sense of conservation. That’s why, G H R University, Amravati has maintained significant greenery throughout the campus.


One of the most important and inevitable phenomena is access to Internet 24X7. Noting this, administration has deployed high speed wireless network connection in the whole campus. After doing the required registration process every student gets access to a high-speed network.


GHRU well presumes the importance of healthy and nutritious food to nurture bright minded students, for the same reason university has its own food courts and cafeterias. Variety of fresh foods, snacks and drinks prepared by exceptionally skilled professionals in a strict hygienic environment are available on counters to fulfill demands of your taste buds.

Central library

No home is complete without a book so no school is complete without a Library. GHRU has a state of the art central library which acts as an integrated and resourceful reference centre. Different types of periodicals, tabloid, National & International Journals, and magazines are available for references of students. All resources could be used for academic as well as research purposes.


No knowledge can strike through unless it’s been experimented. So, GHRU campus encompasses world class laboratories for various streams equipped with modern instruments.

Incubation Centre

As an early stage or premature infant's requisite incubator for survival simultaneously premature ideas or entrepreneurs need a nurturing environment to proceed further. With the motto to deliver elite business, personal bestowed with exemplary business skill. GHRU developed Business Incubation Center to support new Ideas and startups.

Personality Development & Grooming

GHRU, Amravati is committed towards training & development, Education and research. It has well qualified trainers and state of art infrastructure and imparts motivated, skilled, technically sound and competent manpower to meet the training needs of students, faculties and corporate. We are committed to create value addition in the lives of students by administering a job linked 4-way module consisting of Language perfection life skills, Employability skills, Personality development and Business skills.The training are aimed at better placement in campus selections, successful industrial projects and internships.Personality Development and career building initiatives are planned throughout the year for students of all courses and streams and administered comprehensive and contemporary training modules, updated with the industry interface, corporate interaction, guest lecturer and panel discussions etc. Programs are aimed at building competitive, successful platforms for learning and self- development with professional attitude.


GHRU, Amravati has been providing shuttle bus commuting facility to its students from Badnera Railway Station to university campus back and forth. Well trained and certified driving staff is appointed for handling transportation activities.


24-hour ATM facility from ICICI Bank at GHRU, Amravati campus is provided. This ATM facility saves time and energy of students to conduct monetary transactions.

Healthcare Facility

At GHRU Amravati, we believe that “Health is Wealth” and therefore provide the best preliminary and basic healthcare facilities to our students. We have a visiting doctor & Physiology counselor facility. At our campus, there is a 24- hour Ambulance facility, readily available for tackling with emergency situations.

Safety & Security

  • CCTV Cameras: That ace technology feature which never ceases to provide protection is the camera. Thus, we have made sure to put a Close Circuit TV camera around the campus. We have them in the corridors, in the common areas and in some class rooms. We also have them in the various laboratories, libraries and sports rooms. Hence, you can be assured of a close eye on all the activities of the students with accuracy and precision.
  • Security Guards: We have a team of meticulous and careful security guards at each of the gates. The students are only made to enter after they show their ID cards to the guards. This further assures the safety of each ward. The security guards are positioned all through campus
  • Safe Environment: Immense care is taken to provide the educational institute with a particularly safe environment.

Purified Drinking Water

Whether it is the scorching summer heat or the onset of the winters, the pertinence of pure drinking water cannot be obliterated. Hence, we have purified drinking water all around the campus. Upkeep and maintenance of the water facility are done regularly.

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