“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”ANONYMOUS

G H Raisoni University, Amravati is a vibrant community of academicians and learners that helps students to choose and succeed in the field of their choice. Although, as a university our journey has just started two years back but history explains our strong foundation in the education sector. Raisoni Group of Institutions (RGI) has a glorious history of more than two decades of existence in the education sector that was started in 1998 by acquiring a single engineering college which has grown into one of the leading educational group in Central India.

About RGI

G H Raisoni University intends to play a proactive role in the present day knowledge-driven global economy by imparting state of the art education to aspiring and ignited young minds to prepare them to succeed, flourish, prosper and thrive in an unknown and uncertain future. A Naturally beautiful and green pollution free campus of the University having excellent location with easy approach from all sides of the city, facilitates the environment friendly atmosphere for all round development of the student. This is a massive educational institute in central India aimed at providing quality Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs to the students. The academic programs at GHRU, Amravati follow the flexible Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) with Outcome Based Approach. Our approach to creating an exceptional student experience and delivering the highest level of teaching and learning is quite simple;

Now, the promising aspect about our University is that we give you all the ingredient necessary to fabricate a well accomplished future. The G H Raisoni University prepares the learned students of tomorrow.

  • The instilling of social/moral values for making not just successful personnel, but, good humans out of the students.
  • Including a plethora of the research projects to pave the path for educational accomplishments
  • Incorporating many numbers of co-curricular activities to make sure to shape every career with a different and customized mold
  • Establishing day to day activities of the students, planned in a manner that every step is taken towards their skill development.
  • Emphasizing a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical implication in the educational procedure

An upward development

Right from the inception, the University has made sure to carve its niche with the best curriculum and upgraded syllabus. In order to cater to the requirement of an upward development, every aspect of gaining education, learning and knowledge is pursued with priority. A prominence is portrayed on making an environment conducive to learning. Yet again, a practical and career-driven approach is implied at every step of the educational system.

We offer exclusivity with our modus operandi and inclusivity with rendering the educational knowledge.

The elements which define our Education system

The education system of a University needs to be nothing less than exceptional. Nurturing the young minds, developing the skills and instilling the apt environment include our attributes.

In the same frame, we have,

Industry based syllabus

In the present era of innovation, change is inevitable. We do not want our students to lag behind in the race to excel. Thus, we have made sure to include an industry centric syllabus which is updated time and again. The updating is necessary to suffice the requisite for an altering scenario.


We provide a promising platform for the students who aspire to pursue research in their respective fields. We have the faculty, the facilities and the infrastructure for the same. Yet again, as a part of the learning realm, round the year, seminars, conferences and industry visits are included in the syllabus.

Placement assistance

The objective of education is to carve a successful career. Thus, in the very campus of our University, assistance is provided with every aspect of placement. Mock training, making of the CVs and answering of the queries are a part of our institute.

State-of-the-art amenities

The University requires to have the state-of-the-art amenities governing the very thought process. Our University is every bit the same. Whether, it is the requisites of the Graduate courses, the Post Graduate courses or the Research we have not let a single stone unturned in our efforts.

Experienced faculty

We boast of the most well experienced and diligent faculty. It is their guidance, motivation and pedagogy which instill the finest learning in the students. They are well versed with the latest developments in the area of their concerned subjects. Hence, excellence is portrayed and reflected at all times through them in our campus.

Nurturing skills

Skills continue to be an indispensable aspect for the success growth of the students. Thus, apart from the theoretical and practical aspects, immense emphasis is placed in our University on the nurturing of the skills. In accordance with this, seminars, guest lectures and industry visits are pursued time and again at the University.