Ethics and Code of Conduct

The University has prepared the Ethics and code of conduct for students and faculty members including professional ethics & social responsibilities.

Discipline (Conduct Rules)

It is imperative that the students strictly adhere to the day of opening and closing of each term during the academic year.

  1. The student should note that he / she is responsible to the authorities of the University not only for his / her conduct in the premises of the University but also for his / her conduct in general, outside the premises as we
  2. If reported, observed objectionable conduct within or outside the premises of the University /Institute and hostel, will make him / her liable for strict disciplinary ac
  3. If students found guilty of Ragging, he / she will liable for punishment according to clause 9.1 of the regulations, as per the High Court decision for University Act 1956-Regulation 26(1) G-
  4. The student should not participate in any political or antisocial activitie
  5. Student should help in maintaining the buildings and the campus of the University clean and tid
  6. If a student remains absent from their respective college for continuous period of ten days without prior permission of the HOD/Director, the University reserves the right to cancel his admission from the Institute and to strike out his / her name from the r Such a student will not be entitled for any refund.

The following acts or omissions will constitute misconduct.

  1. Physical assault or threat to use physical force, against any member of the teaching and non-teaching staff of institute/department and against any student within the
  2. Carrying of, use of or threat to use any weapons.
  3. Violation of the status, dignity and honour of a student belonging to the scheduled castes and scheduled tribe.
  4. Any practice, whether verbal or otherwise, derogatory to women
  5. Creating ill-will or in tolerance on religious or communal ground.
  6. Willfully disrupting any teaching, study, assessment or research activities or the administration of the institute.
  7. Willfully obstructing officer or employee of the institute in the performance of his or her duties.
  8. Willfully damaging or wrongfully dealing with any property under the control of the institute, any property on institute premises, or property on allocation where a student is present under the auspices of the institute.
  9. Disobeying or failing, without reasonable cause, to observe any provision of the bye- laws, or any rule made by the Council / Board or of any resolution of the council / board of which students have been duly notified.
  10. Disobeying, without reasonable cause, any instruction of an officer or employee of the institute, including failing to leave any building or part of a building when directed to do so.
  11. With holding relevant information or furnishing false or misleading information for purposes connected with academic progression or enrolment or proposed enrolment as a student, whether such withholding or furnishing of information takes place before or after the person becomes a student of the institute.
  12. Contravening any rule made by the council/board in relation to the conduct of written assessment.
  13. Acting dishonestly or unfairly with respect to: The preparation or presentation of any essay, project, thesis or other work to be assessed or any examination conducted by the institute.
  14. Indulging in Cyber Crim
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