Dr. Kevin Gawali

Head of the Department, School of Agricultural Science

School of Natural Sciences

The G H Raisoni University has come up with Agriculture Science Department which renders services to the farmers through Education, Research and Extension Education.

India is mainly an agricultural country. Agriculture is the most important occupation for most of the Indian families. In India, agriculture contributes about sixteen percent (16%) of total GDP and ten percent (10%) of total exports. Over 60 % of India's land area is arable making it the second largest country in terms of total arable land. An agricultural product of significant economic value includes rice, wheat, potato, tomato, onion, mangoes, sugar-cane, beans, cotton, etc.

The University has over a total 20 acres of cultivable land under its possession for Conducting Various Research, field trials in addition to seed multiplication programme. This University covers the need of a wide range of climatic zones varying from Wet Humid Rice zone of East gradually ending with Arid Cotton and Millet Zone of west.

The students learn the most modern methods used for farming and find ways to modernize the agricultural sector.

The faculty is committed to provide academic excellence and maintaining interdisciplinary approaches in its Agriculture Science program. Our curriculum is very broad and designed keeping in view the varied impact of technological development on social, environmental and economic conditions besides protecting the environment and improving the quality of life.

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